Avenging The Mafia (The Tainted With Blood Series)

Avenging The Mafia (The Tainted With Blood Series)

Oleh:  Crystal L  Tamat
Bahasa: English
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Book two of The Tainted With Blood Series. It’s been ten years since Kiara and Alessio have gotten married. Tatiana and Kyle have disappeared through them, but now, trouble has emerged once again with their new weapons, their brainwashed soldiers. Tatiana and Kyle had taught them one target, and it was to kill, and their main target was this… End the Aslanov Family.

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“Alexandra, love, we’re going to need to reach the bridge before dad gets to your father” Kiara said kneeling down to the ten-year-old girl’s height. Her heart raced against her ribcage as she thought of what was to come. “How are we going to reach there?” The child asked. Kiara cupped her cheeks and kissed her forehead before showing her a knife. “Leave that up to me, but I need you to keep this in hand. If anything happens, and if anyone tries to harm you; you’re going to need to defend yourself” Kiara said. Kiara put the knife in Alexandra’s pocket and took her hand as she searched the room they were previously locked in for anything that would help them fight. But knowing that there was no time to waste, she chose to run out without a proper search. “Mum, we can’t run till there!” Alexandra said and Kiara nodded. “We won’t be running till there, just trust me” she said as her eyes caught one of her father’s men unlocking a car. She snuck behind hi
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Chapter 1
Kiara:“But, daddy!” I heard our daughter whine making me laugh.“No buts, you need to go to bed as to be able to wake up in the morning without giving your mom a hassle like you do every morning” Alessio said gently. I walked to our daughter’s bedroom to find her sitting on the bed, resting her back against her dad’s chest as he rested his against the headrest.“I promise I won’t give her too much of a fuss, but this show only starts at this time!” Alexandra said looking at her dad who laughed. He had named her after his sister wanting to keep the memory of her, and despite what she has done, I couldn’t deny him that “and I know you’re going to tell me to watch it when it comes on again after school, but how am I going to be able to discuss it with the girls at school tomorrow! They’ll be ahead of me!”I laughed as I heard the way she spoke of the situation, the fact that
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Chapter 2
Alessio:“Have you managed to track anything?” I asked Ivan who shook his head as he handed me a few papers when I entered the office.“Nothing, whoever set that bomb was sure to leave no trace” Ivan answered and I nodded. I expected this to be a little harder than usual, but I didn’t really care; these people were human, they were bound to leave a single trace.“Try the street cameras, not the ones surrounding the building; those that are leading to it would do. See if you can find anything suspicious” I said putting the papers down on the desk “come on, we need to drop the kids to school before we head to work”“Alright” Ivan said nodding. The two of us walked out of the office and to the living room where Natasha was rocking her and Ivan’s baby, Timur, Alexandra was watching her recorded episode, and Kiara holding Viktor who was watching Tatiana, Natasha’s eldest daughter as
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Chapter 3
Kiara:“Arda?” I asked frowning in confusion when he walked inside the house.We didn’t even know that he left the house to begin with. Seeing as he was coming in confused both Natasha and I.“Arda, when did you go out?” Natasha asked.“It concerns neither one of you” Arda answered before walking toward the door. I frowned and shook my head at Natasha not to question him anymore. We all knew the state that he was in and didn’t want to stir things as to worsen them with him.Him losing his sister the way he has drove him off his proper mindset, it was something that we all knew, and the fact that he blamed me for it wasn’t something that I missed either.“Aren’t you going to comment?” Arda asked me. Ah, yes, I forgot to mention that part. Despite the fact that the two of us had a nice friendship when Alexandra was alive. The man was constantly trying to start random argum
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Chapter 4
Alessio: “Kiara, is everything okay?” I asked through the phone after leaving the meeting. Kiara was NEVER, and I mean NEVER one to call or message me about situations when I was at work. Therefore, seeing as she has right now, I knew that something terribly wrong had happened. “Alessio, you need to come home” Kiara said making me frown in confusion “we can’t find Arda, and something bad has happened” “What?” “Arda killed someone in the house” Kiara said making my heart drop to my stomach “I don’t know who he is, but Tatiana and Viktor saw him. Whoever it was, the man was beaten to death. Natasha and I just spoke to Tatiana, they saw him killing the man in the backyard. There’s blood on the walls, but the man is nowhere to be seen or found” “Where’s Arda?” I asked. “I don’t know, I did go to his room to try and see him, I wanted to lock him inside. But he wasn’t there when I reached the room. The window was open, he could have escaped
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Chapter 5
Third Person Point of View:“Arda!” She snapped glaring at him.“You couldn’t have expected me to stay back there after their kids saw me killing the man” Arda snapped back at her “Tatiana, your daughter rushed to tell Alessio, she would have made sure that I was dead before I could think twice”“You shouldn’t have killed the man in the first place, and especially not in the house!” Tatiana snapped at him. Her eyes glared daggers at the man whose eyes widened in both fear and rage. Fear, because he knew what the woman was capable of, he saw it firsthand how she made one of the strongest men submit to her with just one word. The man was her ultimate soldier, and her biggest pride “nevertheless, we can’t change what already happened. You’ll be staying here for now, and do try staying out of trouble”“What am I going to be doing here?” Arda asked.“Tr
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Chapter 6
Kiara:“What do you mean we have to go elsewhere, Alessio?” I asked wide eyed. My heart racing against my chest as I processed his words.“Kiara, you and the kids have to go to the safe house, you and I both know that it’s not safe for you here” Alessio said making me glare at him. The fact that he even suggested such a thing annoyed me more than he could think. The fact that he believed that it was okay to go on ahead wanting to send his wife and kids away from their home when he knew my opinion on it angered me.“The kids have school, Alessio, and I belong by your side. If there’s a fight to take, then I don’t think that I would come now, ten years into our marriage, and run away from it” I said glaring at my husband. He smiled and wrapped his arms around me, hugging me as he kissed the crown of my head “stop being romantic when I’m angry with you”“When was the last time I to
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Chapter 7
Alessio: I wrapped my arm around my wife’s waist as the two of us walked through the airport. We were both heading to the VIP lounge wanting to see a friend of mine before heading to the plane. To say that she was happy that we were heading to the Maldives would be an understatement. I knew that she’s always wanted to come here. She had told me once about it, but Viktor was a few months old, and I knew that she wouldn’t want to leave him alone. Her hotel has been running for years now, and it was as she always wished it to be. She has opened a café with Natasha as well. The café would turn into a bar at night, but we rarely allowed the girls to go there, not that they asked to anyway, at night as not to risk them getting drunk in front of their costumers. “Excited?” I asked Kiara who smiled. Her smile reached her eyes and I couldn’t help but feel my heart skip a beat as my beauty showed me every sense of gratefulness a person could. The way she acted,
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Chapter 8
Kiara:My eyes widened when I took sight of my mother who was standing in front of me with a menacing smile. Her eyes met mine and she winked at me before the men who were with her blindly attacked us.“I trust that you said your goodbyes to your children before leaving the house? You know, as parents would to their kids before traveling” mum mocked “though I believe that your trip would be taking a little longer than they would be expecting”“Kiara, run” Alessio said but I shook my head. If he was going to fight this, I would be by his side until the end of it.I kicked a man that approached me in the face breaking his nose before punching him in the face. However, I was surprised when the man didn’t flinch for a second. No, the man threw punches at me as if the blood which was now smudging his face was nothing. I frowned in confusion, trying to understand what was going on. But now wasn’t the time to proce
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Chapter 9
Alessio:I ran my fingers through my hair as I watched my wife’s chest rise and fall in her sleep.The oxygen mask on her face helped her breathe, and I hated the fact that she had all the machines plugged around her for her to be able to at least breathe normally.“Alessio, she’s going to be fine” dad assured and I shook my head. She’s been sleeping for the past two weeks. Thankfully, the men reported to Ivan that there was an ambush at the airport. They had come with everything to help us, but when they arrived, the bombing started nearly killing them too.The room that we were in kept us safe for a few hours while they removed the ruins around us to get us out. Yasmina broke her arm and bad a few cuts, but thankfully, her and Paolo’s injuries were quickly treated and they were waiting for Kiara to wake up before they left.“She’s a strong woman, Alessio” Paolo said catching my attention &ldqu
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