Yorkdare Bay: The Elites

Yorkdare Bay: The Elites

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Kelley Alexander gets kicked to the curb from his cushy, billionaire lifestyle at seventeen. Unlikely friendships are forged and a bond for life is created when he teams up with Mason James and Lee Munroe as he shifts from Private School to Public School with his once friends now as his enemies. Family secrets are unraveled and Kelley organizes his new family in a mafia style setting with them as the good guys. Arranged marriages, betrayal, secret pregnancies and rejection features in this novel with the good guys sometimes having to do bad things.The biggest threat usually comes from those we least expect it and Kelley's boundaries will know no bounds.

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This book has a lot of twist and turns keeping you on your toes and I am tapping impatiently while waiting for the next update! Great book so far, definitely worth a read.
2023-11-09 00:59:00
92 Chapters
Part One
Kelley’s father, Charles Alexander, was a hard man. He was cold and distant, or rather, that’s how Kelley perceived him. He was a man more interested in his money than he was his children. His sister, Marley, would say different. Their father doted on her and she really was Daddy’s little princess.Despite all that, Kelley was a top student, played football and slept at home every night. They lived in the upper north side in Yorkdare Bay. Their house was situated on the incline of a sloping hill, almost looking down at the rest of the upper middle class of the town. A castle on the hill with Charles Alexander as their King.Kelley was quiet and reserved when he was at home, avoiding the stern looks from his father and keeping away from his mother. At school he put on a smile, played the role he was assigned as the popular jock, the easy-going life of the party. Kelley wasn’t a talker and he hated the egotistical boasting of his group of friends and the fact that he pretended to be one
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Part Two
The conversation with Hanson stayed with Kelley for some reason. His words felt more like a revelation than a question to him, almost like something would test those bonds. He’d known these people for ten years, been a part of that circle for ten years.The more pressing question, though, was, who were the feel good people in their circle? Kelley had no idea what to make of Hanson’s sudden change in mood and it wasn’t his parents’ divorce. Finally really was the right answer.Kelley sat in his car in the garage, his father’s space empty, and sighed. He found his mother in the kitchen, staring out of the window, her eyes more bloodshot than the previous day. She turned around with an awkward smile when Kelley’s bag hit the floor.“You’re back … are you hungry?” She looked almost pleadingly at him to say yes so she could have something to do.“I am. How was your dinner?”Laura looked down briefly before straightening up and opening the fridge. “It was business as usual with your father.
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Part Three
It was nine pm by the time Kelley pulled into the garage, looking at the empty space where his father’s car should be. The foyer light was on but the rest of the house was cast in darkness. It was Marley’s sixteenth birthday that she was spending at a hotel in the city, a gift from their father.Kelley froze in the hallway and turned towards the kitchen. The bright moonlight illuminated the room with its large bay windows and he saw his mother sitting at the table, a glass of wine in front of her.“Mom?” Surprise laced his voice since his mother and father were supposed to be in the city with Marley.Tears streaked Laura’s face and Kelley went down on one knee in front of her, his hands on her knees. She laughed ruefully and sniffed as she slugged down the rest of the glass’s contents. “You look like him.”“What’s wrong, Mom?”“Too many secrets in this house. If I could go back I’d make a different choice. I had no idea who your father really was, but his brother was worse and here I
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Part Four
Jesse Owens became Kelley’s only friend. He bartered a deal with the motel owner and Kelley got a room on the ground floor that had a small kitchen attached to it for a grand a month, payable upfront. The day after the incident Kelley withdrew another ten grand knowing that his cards would be cancelled that Monday.His dead phone told him everything he needed to know. His father had been serious about cutting him off and out of his life. He truly was on his own now. Jesse helped him to register a new phone and he saw Norah and Hanson’s relationship update on social media, one day after his fall from grace.Kelley had just enough aggression to play quarterback in football but he wasn’t a fighter by nature. He’d never needed to fight before. Jesse changed all that. He was an ex-marine who specialized in mixed martial arts.Kelley spent every day with Jesse at his dojo, training and helping out. Jessy never asked him for anything and what he had, he gave freely. Friendship and moral supp
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Part Five
Kelley sat in his Escalade and rubbed the raw knuckles of his hand. Hanson had passed out and Kelley had left him like that, blood on his face and spatters on the wall. He had seen red when he mentioned Marley’s name.Even if she was mean and rude, she was still his sister. He wasn’t driving to the house he grew up in though. He needed to see someone else first, needed to clarify a few things. He didn’t have far to go, just another four blocks from Hanson’s house.The empty garage told him that her parents weren’t at home so Kelley rang the doorbell instead of sneaking in like he’d done with Hanson. Kelley stuck his hands in his jacket and waited as he heard Norah yell at the dog.The door opened and Kelley turned to face her, her gasp audible in the quiet night. “Kelley … what are you doing here?”“Can I come in?”Norah opened the door wider and Kelley stepped inside, the house warm and sterile at the same time. “Are you okay? Your dad told mine what happened. What happened to your f
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Part Six
It had been another ordinary day, as ordinary as could be. Mason James was an only child and he was okay with that. He liked the solitude and the quiet. His mother, Carey James, worked as a nurse at Yorkdare Medical. She was a beautiful woman, even if she looked tired most of the time. She worked shifts and Mason learned long ago how to look after himself.Mason’s father, Jude James, was rarely home and his deployment lasted months at a time. Jude James was a marine in the army and they lived a moderate life, comfortable even. Mason thought his father was the greatest man alive, brave and strong, fighting for what was right.Mason picked up the ringing phone and leaned against the kitchen wall. “Hello.”“Good morning. Is Mrs Carey James available?”“Just a minute.” Mason pressed the phone against his chest and turned towards the hall. “Mom! Phone!”Mason put the receiver down on the counter and headed back upstairs to his room. He still had to get dressed for school. Mason was fourtee
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Part Seven
The basement smelled dank and musty, the windows having been painted shut many years earlier. Lee’s form was huddled into the corner, his fingers and toes having lost all feeling. He shifted against the metal bars of the cage and the chain leading to the collar around his neck rattled and echoed around the basement.The metal band around his neck had rubbed the skin raw and his eyes flitted open as his body shivered in the cold. A cough wracked through him, the phlegm tearing up his throat and making him gag. His throat was raw and it hurt to swallow, his tongue swollen from lack of moisture.The smell of urine permeated the air around him and his eyes closed again. He had no semblance of time and he had no idea how long he’d been down in the basement. His shoulders stiffened as he heard the key in the lock.“I brought you some porridge.” Another key scraped against metal and Lee’s eyes focused on the woman in front of him.“Mommy … please …”“I can’t let you out, Lee, you know what h
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Part Eight
Mason James stood in the hallway on the first day of senior year and nodded his head at Lee Munroe. Lee had only started playing football the previous year but he was a natural and they slowly became friends. Lee didn’t talk much and Mason didn’t mind.At the lockers Lee nudged him with his shoulder and Mason followed his gaze. “Isn’t that Kelley Alexander?”“What the hell is an Elite doing here?” Lee shrugged at Mason’s question.Mason and Lee started down the hallway and stopped a few feet away from Kelley Alexander. “Are you lost, pretty boy?”There were enough students in the hallway and the sudden hush was almost eerie. Kelley Alexander turned toward them slowly and the first thing Mason noticed was the new scar around Kelley’s left eye. It made him look meaner and somehow it only added a mysterious note and took nothing away from his looks.Kelley turned away from them, pulled his backpack over his shoulder again and started towards their homeroom without answering. Mason looked
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Part Nine
Coach Maxwell stood just inside the locker room and looked around. It was two hours before their first match against Smith’s Private School. “Kelley, in my office.”The guys jeered and laughed as Kelley grabbed his shirt and pulled it over his head before exiting the locker room and heading to the Coach’s office. He knocked on the door and opened it, closing it behind him and sitting down in the single visitor chair in front of the desk.“Yes, Coach?”“Why are you at Public, Kelley?”“Coach … it’s a long story and personal. I’d rather not discuss it.”“I’m not just your Coach, Kelley, I’m also a person that has your best interests at heart. I care about every single player on my team.”Kelley had been running drills and practices with the team for two months now and it seemed for the time being that Arlo O’Neill had pulled his head out of his ass. Kelley still didn’t really have friends but on some occasions he sat with Lee during lunch, when Mason wasn’t there.“Coach, if I tell you
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Part Ten
Mason skidded around the corner and stopped the Escalade over two spots as he parked in front of the public hospital. Lee parked next to the Escalade just as Mason opened the back door. Blood had smeared over Kelley’s face and Mason pressed two fingers against his pulse.Lee opened the other door and grabbed Kelley’s shoulders and pulled him out of the car slowly. He kept his head in one hand as Mason came around the side and grabbed Kelley’s legs. “My mom’s working tonight.”Lee nodded as they headed towards the electronic doors and walked inside the reception area of the hospital. “Help us!”“Mason? Oh, dear Lord, what happened to this boy?” Carey James grabbed a gurney and quickly placed the stethoscope on Kelley’s chest the moment Mason and Lee put him on the gurney.“Kids from Private attacked him in the parking lot after the game. He took a baseball bat to the head.”“Dr Ingwe!” Carey was now pushing the gurney as two other nurses joined her into a trauma bay and another nurse b
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