Dream Mate

Dream Mate

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Katrina D'Amore: I'm a human living in a pack of werewolves. Strange? Not really. Not when you consider I am the hybrid daughter of the Alpha. I just happened to be the twin that didn't get a wolf spirit. I've always assumed I wouldn't have a mate as a human. Yet since seeing Tiberius lying in that hospital bed, I've felt this strange pull to him. Could he be my mate? Or is it just my curiosity to know what he looks like under those bandages? Tiberius Bellomo: I woke up in this unfamiliar forest. I ran and ran, but I couldn't find my way out. Why can't I find my way home? My pack needs me. I have to find the Fayte sisters. I must protect them, but I'm alone in this forest—all except her. I don't know who she is, yet I do. She's my mate. I can smell her; I can hear her calling my name. But when I get close to her, she disappears. What kind of mental prison am I in? This is the third of the Incubi Pack series. You do not need to have read Alpha of Nightmares or The Hybrid Alpha to enjoy this book, but it is encouraged. Incubi Pack Books: Book 1 - Alpha of Nightmares Book 2 - The Hybrid Alpha Novella - Chosen Mate (Bloodmoon & Incubi Anthology) Book 3 - Dream Mate Short Story - Sicilian Holiday (TBD) Short Story - The Quiet Giant's Mate (TBD) Book 4 - Beta's Innocent Mate (TBD) Book 5 - Beta's Twin Mates (TBD)

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Chapter 1 - Tiberius
It’s been three years since Thales was sent to train in France, free of distractions such as possibly finding his mate. Mate or not, I’m sure he’d have been distracted by his future Beta. I still think it’s crazy, but whatever.Who’d have known Crista would grow up to be such a beauty? Certainly not me. I used to taunt her growing up for her looks. Unlike Thales, I was still here to watch that knob-kneed Beta heir grow up.And well, if they aren’t mates and he doesn’t make a play for her, I will. I’m still looking for my mate, but that doesn’t mean I can’t have some fun on the way to finding her.“Whatever you’re thinking, it’s probably too dirty for me to want to know.” A slightly familiar voice chuckled behind me.Baca selengkapnya
Chapter 2 - Katrina
I wrinkled my nose as I opened the doors to the villa to find Beatrice standing there in a long tan coat that is either the only thing she’s wearing or hiding something she thinks is sexy. She disgusts me. All the females who pass through Chesed’s dark room doors are scum, but Beatrice is the worst. Her eyes narrowed when she saw it was me and not my Papa answering the door. Oh, the hate in her eyes. Guess what bitch? The feeling is mutual. If I had a wolf or magic, she’d have been dead the first time she came sniffing around. “What do you want, puttana?” I growled. “Don’t you call me that, you little basta…” She didn’t get to finish her insult before my fist connected, sending her tumbling back. “You will watch your mouth, puttana. I am the Incubi Princess Katrina D’Amore, and you will mind your manners.” I declared. “You little bitch. You could have broken my nose!” Beatrice whined about her nose glaring at me as she got back up. “And you can’t do anything to me.
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Chapter 3 - Tiberius
I groaned, squinting my eyes, trying to figure out where I was. The last thing I remember was setting off August’s halo of the sun, or flashbang as people with no inspiration call it. Thales and I were lunging to take down Ivan and Gastone. THALES! I quickly sat up, wide the fuck awake, looking all around me. Pretty standard shit. A tiny window with silver bars and a cement block cell with silver bars keep me in. Fuck! We got captured. But how? I know for a fucking fact that snot-nose little shit Iggy has no gifts despite being an Alpha heir. I also know Ivan and Gastone couldn’t have caused that glow. So who the fuck helped them? And how can I find them to rip their heart out? I turned to the cell across from mine as I heard a groan. As much as it saddened and angered me, seeing Thales coming around was a relief. He’s still alive. Nebrodi still has a chance. Wincing with each movement, I went as close to the bars as I dared. Looking in both directions of the d
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Chapter 4 - Katrina
I was fuming inside at Chesed. How dare he treat my Papa’s mate in such a manner!? She is the next Luna of his pack, and he would dare demeanor her by sending her, unwilling like I might add, to his sex room!? I hope she claws his eyes out. I could tell her sisters were worried as they kept glancing back, trying to see Crista still as my brother led her away. If there ever was a time that my Papa needed to yank control away from his wolf, it is now. He cannot allow Chesed to treat her or her sister this way.  I swear to the Goddess the first scream of ‘NO’ or anything that indicates Crista wants away from Chesed, and I am breaking that door down and putting that bastard wolf in his place. Hell, I’ll call Zia Izzy to help me. I know she’d
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Chapter 5 - Tiberius
I haven’t dealt with witches before. I knew they were out there, but my only experience was reading about them in human fairytales and actual books kept in the pack library. None of that prepared me for facing the real deal.  Shitty Witch here is a real piece of work. She didn’t touch us. I glimpsed her true face, and let me say yuck. I’m thankful for that because I don’t want her touching me. I know I’m hot, but I’d need a whole body chemical peel to get rid of layers of skin to feel clean.  Begrudgingly we were forced to follow her. I had no intention of making this easier on her. So, I made sure to shuffle my feet or stagger along, making as much noise as possible while moving as slowly. Each time she’d turn and glare
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Chapter 6 - Katrina
I was having trouble falling asleep as I couldn’t get that torture scene out of my mind, and it only got weirder from the torture scene. When I’d managed to fall asleep, I was back in that room. The two men had collapsed to the ground, blood dripping down their backs like I was watching some horror show. My heart broke as I looked at them, especially the brunette. He didn’t look worse off than the blonde, but the weird mirror me with no fashion sense was leaning over him. “Hey, leave him alone, face stealer.” I shouted as she gripped his chin, turning his face to her. Of course, she didn’t hear me or even acknowledge I was in the room. I don’t know what Bisnonna is trying to make me see, but I don’t like this. What kind of freaky vision is this? Is this a warning that I will go off the deep end and turn evil? I can’t see that ever happening. And I don’t have the stomach for torture like Chesed and André do. I’m not even a Dom when it comes to kinky bedroom activities. I need to stop
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Chapter 7 - Tiberius
I can’t tell you how long that Shit Witch had us in that room. There were no clocks and certainly no windows to figure the time. What I wouldn’t give for a watch just to know how long this has been going on. Because I’m wondering how long it takes a grown man to bleed out. That’s a g****e search that would put me on a list. No matter how long it had been, we hadn’t told her anything. Thales wouldn’t know anything about our current warrior count. And he certainly wouldn’t know the escape plans for something like an invasion. The plans change every six months to ensure rogues or potential enemies wouldn’t know our people’s paths. And while I do know those things, I wouldn’t tell Shit Witch if she had a booger hanging out of her nose. So, I won’t start by giving away intel that could endanger my people. And as for her questions about Crista, we would rather die than tell her anything. Not that we could give much info now that Crista was in Incubi. I hope the Fayte sisters are safe and t
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Chapter 8 - Katrina
I had hoped getting some food in their stomachs would help settle everyone. But of course, the subject of Santi and Madonie came up. I wanted to smack my twin; this was not a breakfast conversation. He was going to get Crista all worked up.And of course, with Crista getting worked up, Chesed came out. The tension between them was so thick you needed a butcher knife. We could all feel it, especially her sisters, who were watching the tense exchange between Crista and Chesed with concern.“It’s not proper breakfast conversation. Just know it will be handled.” Chesed dismi
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Chapter 9 - Tiberius
‘WAKE UP!’ August’s voice jarred me awake. I frantically sat up, trying to figure out where I was, only to find I was still in the castle turret room turned into funhouse mirrors. So I’m not awake. I knew I shouldn’t have gotten my hopes up when I heard August. “Stupid fucking shit witch….” I grumbled, getting to my feet and picking shards of broken mirrors from my palms. Nothing seems to have changed in this damn place. The broken mirror was still there with the same broken image of August dying like a puzzle I didn’t want to put together. I started looking at the other mirrors hoping something in them would give me a clue on how to escape this acid trip nightmare. Looking at the mirrors, they were all paintings with me in them. What’s with the Shit Witch and art? Is that her thing, or is she pulling that from my mind? I enjoy art, but this takes it to a fucked up level. Each painting melted away to show me some nightmare scene. Behind the mirror with me as the Mona Lisa was a tor
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Chapter 10 - Thales
This is not how I wanted my first day back home to go. I’d been looking forward to returning to Nebrodi and taking on the rule of Alpha. I wanted to see my friends and find my mate if I was lucky. But it all came crashing down around me when Madonie attacked. The only friend I got to see was Tie, and that got interrupted by the invasion. Oh, how much things have changed since I went to France to receive further training to become Alpha. Sure Ignazio was always a little snot, and his best friend Gastone wasn’t much better. But I would never have imagined they’d stage a coup. When I left, we were at peace with Madonie. And for what? Power? Ignazio killed his parents to gain power sooner than they were willing to turn it over. That’s such a selfish thing to do. An Alpha should always put the needs of the pack before themselves. If Alpha Ugo didn’t feel Ignazio was ready for the role, he wasn’t obligated to transfer the title. And he was right based on Ignazio’s behavior. If the slaugh
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