A Billionaire novel is a series of fiction with a setting that main characters in stories are billionaires, which often involves romance factors. Although billionaire novels usually have a similar character setting, different plots always attract batches of readers and give life to this kind of novel. Billionaire novel series help you to escape something annoying in the real world and have a dream of being a billionaire or marrying a billionaire. Diverse stories lead you to experience various wonderful lives, you will be a cool hero in that virtual world described in those billionaire novels you read.

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Anna, Love me like I do.
Powerful Johnson
Luke Walter is the owner of the biggest writing company in the whole world while Anna Mines is a young innocent girl trying to make ends meet. Luke Walter turned into a chronic womanizer and kinda drunkard after the death of his first love whom he cherished and loved so much. After Anna Mines had worked tirelessly as a laundry attendant, she eventually goes into prostitution so that she could fend for her siblings. There, she had a normal one night stand with a random customer and discovered that she was pregnant for the man. The aftermath effect was hell for her because it was shameful and traumatic for her to undergo parenthood alone without a partner. Although, a whole lotta people encouraged her to abort the baby, she persistently disagreed and decided to keep her baby. Luke Walter was very unlucky and unfortunate after his usual night one-off sexual escapades because he was so drunk and got into a terrible accident that affected his spinal cord thereby rendering him impotent and unable to bear children again in life. He was left shattered and heart broken. The news of the accident was all over the press and the friend of the Anna came to tell her about it. Her friend brought out her phone and showed her the life videos and pictures of the rich billionaire. She burst into tears because she couldn't believe that her baby daddy was the richest young man in the whole of their country. She never actually wanted to own up that she was the mother to Luke Walter's son. Do you think Anna would eventually begin another phase of life with Luke?
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