10 days or Divorce

10 days or Divorce

By:  J.O.A  Ongoing
Language: English
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Eloping with a man she barely knew was one act Emerald lived to regret... Gerald is so cruel and cold towards her. It’s seemed too late to turn back now that she has two twins for Gerald Latino, a famous business icon. She is left with no choice than to runaway with the twins and back to her billionaire father. What happens when Gerald comes back for the twins and finds out the poor wretched girl he thought he had married is a billionaire in disguise?

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8 Chapters
The Escape
Emerald bent over zipping a big red box in haste, she rushed over to the two confused Twins grabbing their hands and leading them out of the room. “Mummy, why are we packing?” Robert asked clutching to his green puffy dinosaur. Emerald stared down at the perplexed five-year-old before bending down and pulling both kids into her arms, her slender body over them like a shield. “We are leaving to see your grandparents..” she paused, blinking back tears before adding, “we’ll be staying for quite a long time” she explained, muffling Robert's hair a little before standing straight trying to smile and act collectedly cool. “What about daddy? Isn’t he ‘comwing’ with us?” Roberta's tiny squeaky voice asked making Emerald stifle a bit before forcing out a reply “your daddy won’t” she tried to walk past Roberta and pretend to be engrossed with packing up their stuffs when Roberta question came up. “Why?” Roberta asked making Emerald flicker her long lashes, for a five-year-old kid she was
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Back home
“Berta, sit right where I left you,” Emerald yelled, shooting a dreadful glare at the five-year-old who just pouts and starts bawling. This was the least Emerald wanted.She really didn’t mean to shout or yell at Roberta, but how could she explain to the five-year-old that her dad wasn’t the goody goody she saw him as and him setting his eyes on them could ruin a long brooded plan. She turned back, staring at Roberta’s watery blue eyes. She pressed her lips together, urging Roberta to keep shut and after a series of whispering “Mummy is sorry, princess Berta” Roberta finally adhered and stops bawling. Emerald sighed, turning to face Robert, who just stared blankly at his sister with disgust. He hated seeing her snorting and stressing his mom.And at times like this, Emerald can’t help but get really proud of Robert for always being the cool headed one and more understanding.Her hands were still trembling as she ducked her head down, watching from the center mirror as Gerald procee
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Gerald is back
Wade smiled coming closer to pat her down, “You’ve really changed, you don’t look yourself...” he said, noticing the faint tired lines on her. She looked like her older self. “You can go shopping with Petra or to the spa or just anything refreshing,” he said, pulling out his V.I. P master card and handing it to Emerald, who finally smiles faintly, coming closer to give him a hug. “What do you think about handling the fashion mall...you need something to get you occupied before your silly little brain starts thinking of eloping again,” Wade mocked, tugging at her hair. “I’m sorry for not being the best daughter in the world,” she whispered, wiping her tears away. “Don’t be so touchy... least I forget we’ll be attending a hotel opening party Jeremy is hosting tomorrow by dawn... Look your best,” He added making Emerald smile vanish away. She still wasn’t certain about Jeremy and how much he had changed after five years of shutting him out of her life for Gerald, and now she just sh
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I want a divorce!
“tell me where my kids are and come with me I’ll deal with this when we get home” Gerald pointed out pulling her hands towards the poolside outside the main hall of the new opening hotel, he was aiming to pull her towards his car when Emerald yanked her hands away from his grip. He stared at her wide eyed, not believing she had actually glared at him and also yanked her hands away from his grip. “How dare you” his bold masculine voice echoed into her sensitive ears and without giving it a second thought, she raised her voice at him. “I want a divorce!”Gerald looked taken aback by her sudden outburst. She had never for once in her life raised her voice at him and he was beginning to wonder what had suddenly given her the courage. “Huh?” He managed to say. Emerald shifted her gaze from the ground, fixating it on him. “Gerald Latino, I want a divorce” “You cheating.. lying bastard. What’s giving you the impetus to talk back to me, huh? W
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Jeremy promised to wait
“Emy I..” Emerald started staring up at Jeremy as he straightened his suit jacket around her, keeping her warm. “You don’t need to answer straight away. I’ll give you all the time in the world I’ve always been here and I’ll always be here,” Jeremy said soothingly as he watched Emerald throw him a faint smile. “So umm I heard your dad is letting you take charge of the fashion mall and I’m sure you’ll do just great, I’m just wondering why you studied law if you were not gonna use it anyway,” Jeremy said trying to balance the awkwardness between them.There was silence for few seconds before Emerald broke in with a scoff. She turned to grab the bottle of whiskey beside her. Jeremy sighed, taking it from her and pulling out two glass cups from the cup holder. He filled both glasses halfway to the top before handing Emerald a glass; she nodded thank you before proceeding to gulping it down. “Remember when I first saw you, I was ten, and you were standing there at our garden
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The letters
Gerald drove back home. He slammed the door of his. Car after getting down, he walked into the. Mansion, he stared blankly at the interior for an a. while. Everything felt and seemed empty.He was about walking up the third stairs to his room but paused when he got to Emerald’s room, a room they shared for only one night; he pushed the door open. Walking inside it, he could still perceive her sweet fruity. scent, his eyes roamed around for a while before it landed on the cracked frame lying on the floor.Gerald bent down picking up he hesitated before frame he stared at the wedding picture on that day he had been forced into marrying her by his grandmother, he hated commitment and he had only met her in a clubhouse just at the time he ventured out to get any woman pregnant so as to have a descendant to continue the Latino family legacy like Francesca had asked him to do.He blinked twice staring at the cracked picture, this was why he hated commitment one minute they are with there an
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The threat
Emerald sat down in her office she had just resumed back into her fashion exquisite mall the one that ones belonged to her mother.she sat down leg crossed going through a fashion catalog when her secretary walked in to inform her of a visitor waiting to see her.Emerald relaxed back in her chair bringing down the catalog from her gaze “ Please get the name of the visitor” She said before going back to her catalog. “ He won’t say his name, oh here he is” The secretary announced with a shaking voice trying to avoid the supposed visitors gaze. “ Exit this office and leave us alone at once” Gerald ordered in a Icy tone that got the secretary scurrying away with fear without thinking twice or turning back.Gerald scoffed pushing the door aside and a badging in, he sat down on a chair opposite Emmy’s desk and crossed his legs in a manly manner, Emmy tried to hide her surprise and also tried to control her shaky hands beneath the table. “ I’m here to get my children and to k
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Savvy Roberta
Emerald slumped back in her sit trying to control her shaking hands and her breathing, Jeremy walked up to her reaching out with a soothing touch on her back. “ Gerald is no joke, he doesn’t make empty threats he’ll take the kids I’m sure of it” Emerald said trying hard not to stutter.Jeremy clenched his fist pulling out his phone to call the freaking lawyer, Emerald watched him as he paced around speaking to the lawyer for a while before he dropped the call. “ Everything will be fine trust me” Jeremy said coming closer as she forced out a weak convincing smile.Emerald tried getting up but she slumped back to the chair and that’s when Jeremy knew everything was really not fine with her. “ Should we head to the doctor? Are you alright?” Jeremy asked looking obviously agitated and concerned but she shrugged him off getting up with the aid of the table and grabbing her purse. “ I need to get to my children school what if he shows up there and take them away from
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