Chapter 6 Another Outburst

People often said when you love someone, you would also love the things the person was connected with. But Xu Yi felt she was the opposite.

She knew Ye Shaotang’s mother had depression so that was why she would want to die every time she came across something minor. However, Xu Yi could not bring herself to feel sympathy.

To Xu Yi, the Ye Family was a huge, luxurious cage. Everyone inside was guilty of killing Xu Yi.

Looking at Ye Shaotang’s nervous face, Xu Yi snorted disdainfully. “I thought you’re all that. But at the end of the day, you’re just a mommy’s boy.”

“Xu Yi, my mom’s sick. It’s one thing that you ignored her before, but now you’re here saying some cynical remarks. Is this how daughters-in-law should behave?”

Ye Shaotang was looking at Xu Yi with his eyes red. His hands were balled into fists and the veins were showing. It was obvious that he was trying very hard to suppress his emotions.

If he did not need to pretend to be lovey-dovey with Xu Yi to maintain his reputation, he would have pushed her out of the car or beat her senseless to release his anger.

According to Ye Shaotang’s experiences, Xu Yi would definitely use this opportunity to be friendly with him. She would show him that she would be a good wife and a good daughter-in-law.

He did not expect Xu Yi to chuckle nonchalantly, “Sick? Excuse me. For me, there are only people who treated me well and people who treated me badly. I would double their kindness or cruelness. The same goes for coldness. If she wanted me to be a good daughter-in-law, then she should have been a good mother. The gentle Xu Yi was in the past. From this day on, don’t expect Xu Yi to be obedient to anyone.”

Xu Yi’s cold principles and thorny behavior startled Ye Shaotang. In the midst of his shock, he saw An Xin’s shadow in her.

But after a while, Ye Shaotang came back to his senses. He gritted his teeth and said to Xu Yi, “Alright, don’t regret this.”

Xu Yi did not want to pay attention to him. She turned her head to look at the view outside the speeding car.

She could not help but think about the current situation in the Ye Family. Ye Shaotang’s grandfather had already passed away. His father, Ye Ming and his mother, Lin Congyin were staying in the family mansion.

Lin Congyin seemed to have experienced some trauma when she was young. She had always been depressed and morose.

Because of this, the Ye Family even hired a nanny to follow her 24/7, but even tigers needed to rest, what more a mere nanny. Hence, Lin Congyin had found another opportunity to kill herself.

When Ye Shaotang and Xu Yi arrived at the Ye family house, they saw Lin Congyin sitting on the rooftop. She was humming a familiar tune and holding a doll in her arms. Her legs were swinging like she was about to fall.

A group of people was standing below her and were all trying to get her to come down. Her eyes were dazed, it was like she did not understand what everyone was saying.

“Shaotang, Lil Yi, I’m glad now that you’re back.” Ye Ming’s eyes were red when he walked over. He looked at Lin Congyin sadly, “Your mother has another outburst.”

Ye Shaotang did not look at Ye Ming. He was busy directing the servants to put the safety air cushion on the ground. He stood below and shouted, “Mom, don’t move. I’m coming to save you.”

Looking at Ye Shaotang’s back as he hurried up, Xu Yi scoffed, “How bold.”

There was a hint of awkwardness in Ye Ming’s face. He said quietly, “Lil Yi, this is difficult for Shaotang. Don’t blame him.”

Xu Yi was okay with this father-in-law who seemed cold on the outside but warm on the inside, but she did not want to complain about Ye Shaotang with him, so she diverted his attention, “Dad, what happened to mom? I don’t remember it being this bad the last time she had an outburst?”

Ye Ming’s face was sullen. He said in a deep voice, “We went for a walk in the afternoon, she saw the neighbor’s daughter who was only a few months old.”

Xu Yi finally understood. Looking at Lin Congyin who was rocking the doll in her hands back and forth, she suddenly realized that Lin Congyin was singing a lullaby.

Ye Ming was expecting the children to come back. He wanted to talk with Xu Yi a bit more, but she turned around and ran upstairs.

Ye Ming frowned and mumbled, “This child. When did she become like An Xin bustling around?”

Xu Yi did not hear what Ye Ming said. If she did hear him, perhaps she would control herself a bit more.

When she came upstairs, she heard a commotion outside. Opening the door to the balcony, she heard Ye Shaotang’s anxious and heartbroken voice saying, “Alright. I won’t go over. I won’t. Don’t move.”

When he heard the door opening and saw Xu Yi, Ye Shaotang said in frustration, “What are you doing here? Go back downstairs.”

Xu Yi jiggled the pastries in her hand. Her eyes were shining. “Step aside. I have a plan.”

Xu Yi walked over to Lin Congyin without waiting for Ye Shaotang’s reaction.

Ye Shaotang wanted to call Xu Yi to come back, but he was afraid that he would be too loud and startled Lin Congyin. He could only follow behind Xu Yi just in case something unexpected happened.

Lin Congyin noticed someone getting close to her. She immediately screamed, “Go away! Get away from me! You’re all bad people!”

Xu Yi made her voice as gentle as possible, “Mom.”

Ye Shaotang was startled. Xu Yi had always been gentle, and he had seen her being gentle countless times, but he had always felt that her gentleness was only on the surface level and not real.

However, the “mom” just now was laced with so much emotion and longing that it even touched Ye Shaotang.

Lin Congyin quieted down. She looked at Xu Yi curiously. “Who are you?”

“I am your daughter, mom.” Xu Yi said while lifting the pastry box in her hand. Her smile was warm and yearning. “I brought my favorite pastries to share with you, mom. Let’s go eat them in the dining room, okay?”

Lin Congyin looked at the doll in her arms and then back at Xu Yi. She shook her head. “No, you’re not my daughter. My daughter’s only this big. How would she buy me pastries? She was just born, she’s so small and so cute. You’re not my daughter.”

Xu Yi could feel that her back was drenched with sweat, she said quickly, “Mom, do you not like me because I grew up too fast? Do you not like me anymore because I’m not cute?”

Lin Congyin hugged the doll in her arms tightly and shook her head. “No, I want my daughter. I want my daughter.”

Xu Yi said nasally to Lin Congyin, “I want my mom too. Mom, I haven’t been back for a long time to see you. Look, this is your son, my brother, Ye Shaotang. He’s so tall now. We’re all grown up, mom.”

Lin Congyin’s eyes wandered between Xu Yi and Ye Shaotang. In the end, her eyes landed on Xu Yi’s face. “Are you really my daughter?”

Xu Yi attempted to take two steps forward. She offered her hand to Lin Congyin. “Yes, mom. I am your daughter. Come, let’s go downstairs and have some pastries.”

An expecting smile appeared on Lin Congyin’s face. She got up instantly.

Ye Ming and the rest of the people downstairs all let out sighs of relief when they saw that, but in the next instant, they screamed. Everyone saw a shadow falling off the building at high speed.

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