Chapter 17: Traveler's Inn and the Hunters

When I slowly open my eyes, I hear some chirping of birds and some voices of people sounding like when you are in a busy restaurant with the clinking of the plates. When my eyesight hit the light I immediately close it again since the light is like giving me a headache.

“It- It’s too bright.” I utter softly and after a few seconds I slowly open it again until my eyes get accustomed to the bright light.

I look around to see myself in an old room with wooded walls. I can hear clicking sounds and voices below so it only means that I am in a second floor or so, by the sound coming from below it seems like I can hear some men scowling to another. I slowly slide of the bed but immediately retract it up when my bare feet touches the cold wooden floor.

“What on earth is going on? Where am I… and what have happened to me? What happen to.... me?” I said but ended up feeling this sudden chill that crawl up to my body, that is where I suddenly remember what happened to me. My wounds, the blood an
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