Chapter One

 ‘Candy’ Annie thought to herself as she lay in bed looking up at the ceiling. Was it weird that she hadn’t minded when the woman had hugged her earlier?

She wasn’t really the hugging type, Abby was the more affectionate of twin the two of them. The babies kicked in her stomach and Annie bit her lower lip. What was she supposed to do with a baby, let a lone two? It still didn’t feel real, even with all the morning sickness and the fluttering kicks.

She hadn’t been able to believe that she was carrying Beau’s child until she had seen the ultrasound, two fetuses. Even then she hadn’t wanted to believe that she was pregnant, her sleeping with Beau had been her lashing out at Abby. Yes, she had thought she was in love with Beau.  There was no denying that her childhood crush had deepened as they had gotten older.  

He hadn’t liked her though, well he had in private. In public it was Abby, it was always Abby. 

Even Sam had chosen Abby over her. The devil was supposed to be her ticket out of it. Out of being a blood bag for the vampires, out of the picture so she wouldn’t have to watch Abby and Beau wed. Wouldn’t have to watch him claim her twin, while still keeping her as his dirty little secret.

His behavior after Abby had left made her feel sick, that she was a part of that. 

 Annie rolled onto her side, trying to get comfortable. It seemed like that was all she was doing lately. Trying to get comfortable and crying, she pressed on her ribs, trying to ease up some of the ache. How was she supposed to do this? Be a mom, her own parents hadn’t been the best.  

They had taken care of them, but they weren’t warm or affectionate by any means. Abby had been the one to comfort her when she had skinned her knee. She could feel the tears starting again. How could she keep hurting Abby so much? She hoped her sister's mates would save Abby; she need to make up for what had happened.


Candy stood outside of the bedroom door, her fingers pressed against the smooth oak. She wasn’t sure what she should say, ‘Hi you're my mate.’ Just seemed a little too forward.  

“Just go in already.” Dev said as he walked up to her, he tossed an apple in the air catching it easily.  

“I don’t know what I should say.” Candy said glaring up at him as she pushed a strand of pink hair behind her ear.

“Hi, I’m Candy. Sounds like a good start.” The green-haired man smirked at her.

“She already knows my name.” Candy frowned.

“Would you like something to eat? Pregnant women are always hungry.”  

Candy smiled, a light filling her honey-colored eyes as an idea came to her as she turned away from the door and walked down the hallway.

“I’m so under appreciated. You’re welcome.” Dev called after her with a smirk as he bit into the apple, heading to his own room. He had never seen Candy interested in a girl and he couldn't help but wonder if Annie was Candy's mate.


“Where are you, you little bastard?” Candy growled as she hunted for the ginger root she knew should be there.

The pack had several pregnant females and she knew from working in the clinic with her mother; it was something that helped them.  

“Found you.” She said in triumph, Candy moved to counter, pulling out the chopping board as she went, sitting them both on the counter. Moving to the cabinet she pulled out the teakettle. She hummed to herself, banging her fingers on the counter as she waited for it to fill up. Candy couldn’t wait to share the news with Eli, her family, and the pack.

She smiled to herself, biting her lip as she turned off the water. Her heart hadn’t twisted painfully in her chest as it normally would with any thoughts of the handsome singer. Moving to the stove, she turned on the burner and set the kettle on to boil. Hopping back to the cutting board, she picked up the ginger, wishing that she had paid better attention to watching her Jiji prep the strange root.  

She carefully sliced off a knuckle and began the painstaking process of peeling it, her nose twitching at the aromatic scent. A scent that normally sent her from the kitchen. She would do this for her mate. Annie was special and Candy wanted to help ease some of the sadness she had seen haunting the woman.  

Candy couldn’t help but wonder what she would look like smiling at her.  

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