Chapter Six

"Hey, Merida!" Lisa called out and ran to catch up with Merida.

"Hi," Merida shy as ever, greeted.

"Are you going to be there tomorrow? Jacob's game?" Lisa asked.

"Uhm... yeah I'll be there. He kind of asked me to watch him play."

Lisa flashed a fake smile. She was not happy at all. What is so special with this goldfish? Why the hell would Jacob want to waste his time on her?

"Oh, do you know what time the game is?"

"No, not really but I'll ask him la—"

"It's 7:15 PM, Merida. You shouldn't bother Jacob, he's probably going to be tired from practice." Lisa said smirking. She just gave false information to Merida and goldfish seemed to be buying it.

"Yeah! You're probably right. Thanks for telling me."

"Oh geez! I almost forgot I have a meeting with the girls. I'll see you tomorrow!" Lisa turned her back on Merida with that big evil grin on her face. She can't wait to tell Candice!


"Did she believe you?" Candice asked.

"Duh! Show a little compassion to her and she'll buy it. You know she's not just ugly but dumb too!"

Both Candice and Lisa laughed.

"Yeah, I know. I just don't get why on earth Jacob would waste his time on her! Seriously though!" Candice rolled her eyes and mimicked some of Merida's actions when she's laughed at.

Lisa laughed once again, shaking her head. "Ha! You bet! Anyways what's your plan for tomorrow?"

"Let's see..." Candice thought about what she'd do to that stupid Merida. "Uhm... maybe let's lock her up in one of the classrooms or somebody's locker. What do you say?"

"Whoa! Overnight? Are we not going to get in trouble?" Lisa asked, somewhat worried for themselves.

"Of course we are! But if that Merida stays afraid she won't say a word! And if she doesn't say a word, then we're out of trouble," Candice replied raising a brow and smirking.

Candice is right, Lisa thought.

They continued to plan it out loud not knowing someone just woke up from sleeping at the bench near where they were talking. Leo sighed heavily.

"God? Are you trying to get me involved with miss ugly?" He asked, shaking his head.

When the voices were gone Leo stood up and started to walk away. He went inside the staff's room and head to their adviser's desk. The teachers were gone already and so he checked the class records. Searched for Merida's information and boom! He copied her number. "Alright then," he said as he typed the contact name 'egg rolls' instead of miss ugly.

What's Leo's story? Oh, he just has multimillionaire parents and a smart ass so he can just sleep all day if he wants to. Kidding. But anyway he's just a normal guy who loves sleeping anytime and anywhere. Also, he loves keeping secrets and just bottling up his feelings. He is also a filthy rich kid, that's why he doesn't worry about his future.

After doing his business, Leo went out of the staff room like he didn't just scribble through some pages.

"What were you doing in there?"

He turned to see who it was.

"What do you think?" He asked with that wide smile on his face.

The lady who just saw him didn't answer and so he turned his back and continued to walk away. That lady was his sister, the directress of the school he goes to. Though they don't have the same last name anymore, they still used to live in the same mansion.

"Good to see you again," he whispered, leaving the school ground.


Merida in her room startled when her phone started to ring. She looks at the screen and saw it was an unknown number. She answered it anyways.


"Hey! It's Leo. The game is at 5 pm tomorrow not 7:15"

"Uh... did you just call me for that?"

"Yeah? What else would I call you?"

"Alright. Should I add you to my—"

"Are you crazy? Of course, you should! And give me a good nickname! Not just Leo!"

Merida moved her phone away when he yelled at her.

“Geez! You didn’t have to yell and how did you—”

"Goodnight." Then he hung up.

"He's weird," she mumbled. He didn’t even give her a chance to finish a question, she thought. “Oh well,” she shrugged and added him to her contacts and put 'Lion Cub'. She finds the nickname that she gave 'cute' and it suits Leo.

Her smile faded when she remembered the information that Lisa told her. "Maybe, she has reasons..."

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