Chapter 11

It's Monday and I am back to work. Today was different I don't know why. Today seems too busy than the other day. There's a lot of work. Work has been filing and filing without stopping. Soon the day is about to end but my work is not yet done. Until its already seven in the evening but I am not still done with those works. I was not able to eat my lunch because I forgot the time. It was exhausting I was finally done with today's work and it is already eleven o'clock in the evening. I kept everything in place before I left. I was left with a little energy. I take a cab not wanting to disturb uncle ben. I almost fall asleep during the ride. I just try to keep my eyes open until I reach my apartment. As soon as I reach my apartment I plopped down on my couch and dozed off. I didn't even bother to change my clothes or have something to eat.. That's how tired I was. 

I was awakened by the sunrise shining in my face. I open my eyes look in the direction of the light from the

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