24. Unforeseen Turn


"Raul," I whispered, the name tasted foreign on my tongue, unheard to my ears. I heard him inhale sharply and looked up at him. His intense gaze made me avert mine. His pale skin stood out even more in the darkness, ghostly and grey. My heart clenched at the traumatic experiences that he had faced. It made me angry to think that one person could be cruel enough to inflict such pain on his beloved and his child even if they weren't human and how that person was the sole reason that led Damian to the conclusion that all humans were cruel and heartless. His mother despite being undead, a nocturnal, a Royal was tortured so inhumanly. A little boy who did not deserve such treatment was almost burnt at stake. I blinked several times to hold back my tears. 

"Why are you telling me all this?" I couldn't help but ask. We were standing side by side, looking out into the dark wilderness. The lights from candles in the room had long been snuffed out by t

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