44. A Catalyst


My eyes darted towards Nora, who had stiffened as well. Her body language conveyed that it was not Connor, and I didn't know whether to be happy about it. And it was then that his scent wafted into my nostrils. Damian. Dread and happiness amalgamated inside me, coiling and wounding around my dead heart. 

Nora rushed to the door. I couldn't move an inch, even if I wanted to. "Please, no!" I shouted, but she was out of the door. I tried to rankle the binds but only managed to get nicked by the dagger. It burned the area. I hissed in pain and backed away. I feared the worst because I didn't what Nora could do. 

The urge to cry increased. But that would be fruitless, given how I wouldn't be able to cry anymore. The burn on my neck did not even seem to bother me now. I eagerly stared at the doorway, and then I felt myself sag in the chair with relief when Damian entered through the door. Andrew followed him in. My mate's eyes


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Thank you for the update i Cant wait for the next one 😊

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