Worth Fighting For

Felix PoV

The world became chaotic when Damon Salvatore came to put everyone's life in danger. I remembered the time back then, when he blocked us, Martha, me and my two sons. If I were not fooled that time, maybe I didn't sold my soul to him. He just used me for his own sake. He told me that all the power I had were all because of him. I didn't even realize that I'm just a pawn to him, a pet to be exact. Now, I saw him fighting against my son Thamer, made me feel bad. I just want to saved him even just this once. I don't care if I'll lost my life. It's okay for me to leave the world in peace if I died by saving him, there he could at least forgive me. I never thought thought that this day would come. I never thought I could cry like this because of my sons. A tears from my eyes slowly went down on my cheeks. I was only sensitive by now. I took a deep breath and closed my eyes. It's time to stop him from attacking my son.

" Ahhhhhh, Damon! Fight me!" I shouted his name while I was app
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