Bite marks as Authority

Chapter 5

Damon pov

"Yes, this it! You're mine now for today Diana", feeling excited for the next picture of her inside my brain. But I was a parasite of this body for almost five days and now is my chance to mate with her without any obstacles.

I want this to be real. I wanted to break her virginity today.

Finally, I couldn't wait for another day anymore. I was there staring beside her bedroom enjoying my gaze on every flesh of her. I was invisible to her. I was the type of vampire that could not be seen by a keen human being.


"Sorry, Diana but you're my prey tonight! then Damon slowly vanished leaving a dark smoke in her darkroom.

He used his invisibility power to taste her great inviting hot young body ready to mate with someone.





"fuck this babe!", he said. She was still unconscious at this state. When I walked into her private territory, my eyes were glued to her looking at her smooth flawless skin. Her skirt was almost inches away underneath her undies while her blouse upright underneath her bra.

I smirked then licked my lips in pleasure. I was now eager to fuck her. For those empty wasted years of mine, I finally came back to a normal person, young, alive like blooming flowers full of life and colors. She couldn't see me anyway because I'm invisible. She could only feel my playful touch, torturing kiss, and the enjoyable thrust of my hard manhood.

I smirked again.

I slowly came closer to her doing my first ever make love movement.

***(imagine her dress was moving on their own)*****

I sat beside her and quickly pulled up her skirt more making her thigh more exposed in my naked eyes with her see-through undies.

I crouched down right in between her legs, I began to slid my fingers between her inviting fair legs. I inserted my right fingers and started to massage playfully and while I'm doing it I felt the dampness on her sensitive area.

"Hmmmmm", I heard her moaned.

She released a huge moan when I forcibly slid my middle finger inside enjoying the unbearable pleasure she's experiencing right now. Her moaned was getting louder when I thrust my middle finger deeper inside her entrance.

Her body was moving especially her hips grinding on the rhythm of my rough thrust.

Her waist swayed as I continue thrusting my middle finger. Her nipples became harder due to the pleasure I'm giving to her. I dug my fingers back and forth insider her core.

I could feel her wetness inside and I liked it.

"ache! yes please fuck me!", were the words she released while her eyes were still closed. She was panting and sweating. I know she thinks she's only dreaming. I made it faster until she screamed in ecstasy reaching the climax.

I quickly taste the sweet juice from my fingers and loving it." I want more", those words came from my mind.

Next, I take off my shirt and unzipped my pants, and pulled it down leaving them on the floor. This time it was not the invisible side of me. Diana was ignorant about it. She was clueless and she was in her deep sleep. I enticed her to be my guest in my world, full of lust and pleasure.

I'm already half-naked leaving my boxer alone. I slowly crawled beside her trailing my hands on the hemline of her blouse. "shit you're damn hot as hell", I said. I unbuttoned her blouse one by one until her rounded breast half exposed. To watch the full view of it I finally unhook her black lace bra from her behind.

It's very beautiful letting my hands cupped the right part." Ahhhhhh!!!!", she moaned again.

I squeezed her breast urgently and let my tongue wandered over her breast and planted a small kiss on the left until I stop on the middle part and my tongue touch and played on it. The pink raisin above her rounded hills hardened. I was like a thirst demon whose craving for this young body.

I bent above her breast and I enclosed my lips in between her nipple. I pulled it in and out until she screamed in orgasms. She's too young so it's easy for her to release orgasms as many as she wants.

She released a loud moan again and arching her body in full pleasure.

"Ahhhhh", she screamed. "Do it now!! More! more! She was addicted to orgasm this time. I drew a nasty and lustful grin on my face. I didn't know why she's acting that way inside her dreams, I think someone was manipulating her sanity. I didn't care because I enjoyed our romance, me and Diana.

For my final blow, I put my naked body on top of her and my right hand slowly grip and pulled off her undies down. I lowered my head moving down to her clit area. It's not the time yet. I then insert my tongue inside her inner core and let her feel the feelings of ecstasy. She was my sex slave and I'm her sex demon. 

She's the incarnation of my dead wife Isabelle. She's her granddaughter! I dip my wet tongue down again repeatedly. I lick it faster and this time more enjoyable.

After a sensual thrusting of my tongue on her inside,e she shouted "  shit....fuck...ah", at the end and she falls asleep again as nothing happened.

Before leaving her room I planted a mark beside her neck and it's a bite mark. This mark of mine has a spell, a magic spell that could be fatal if she attempts to refuse my orders. She's all mine and nobody could interfere with my evil plans. I'll do anything to bring back my beloved like the time we used to be. They took her from me and killed her so I'm here to take avenge. My love for her was true love but she killed her. 


Incubus and Succubus demons were once human and either sold their soul or performed evil in life to be sentenced to hell.

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Nikita Thompson
That's not the only or true definition of what an incubus or succubus is.. Definitely one description but not necessarily the most accurate mythology credits..

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