Chapter 2- Heart attack

Aisha POV:

‘He hung up the call’ I spoke in my mind, I kept staring at my phone screen in haze mind when a Porsche came and stopped in front of me

“babe get in….” Michael said peeking through passenger side window, I hoped in his car and we drive off “Is everything fine?” Michael spoke with concern look “AAhmm… Not sure, I called my Mom but she didn’t respond so I called papa and…” I spoke “And what?” Michael questioned staring at road ahead “And someone named RAVAN responded through his phone” I replied “RAVAN? What kind of name is that?” Michael questioned with amused smile “well, I am not 100% sure but it is an Indian Mythological character from Ramayan ?” I replied “Okeis……….. well that’s clingy… so call that RAVAN again and ask about your Father, what’s the big deal?” Michael said it casually ‘Yeah, I should have actually done that, I am so dumb’ I scolded myself in my mind and quickly called him back but to my surprise his number was switch off, I tried few more time ‘God what is wrong with his network now’ I shouted in my mind, looking at my angry expression, Michael turned to me “What’s the matter?” Michael inquired “Jesus these networks in India sucks, more over my parents are working in some village, am trying to call them but their number is coming as switch off, it often happens to me.. uhhh..” I huffed in anger and sat back, I usually talk to my parents only twice or trice in a week, they are working in India and are very busy ‘I am still not aware what kind of work they do, Is it so Important that they don’t even have time to talk to their one and only daughter?’ a thought crossed my mind, anyways we never really

have long conversation, it isn’t anything personal but because of their pathetic network connection, cellular network service of the area in which they are working is extremely poor ‘Ohh….God I am a Fool, I should have answered my mother call earlier but I was blindfolded by my rising hormones and horny body’ I argued with myself staring at Michael beautiful face beside me, my mind was regretting my decision to decline her call but my heart was melting again to see angelic face of Michael beside me, I think he sensed my thought and he quickly stopped his car, thank god I wore seatbelt otherwise my beautiful face would have turned into a Vamp one by hitting his windshield “We are here!” Michael replied and I notice we had parked outside my house “Ohh…that was fast” I replied, still not willing to leave him, Michael leaned in and pulled me by my chin and kissed me on my lips, I gave in and kissed him back, soon we started exploring each other’s mouth, our kiss was getting hotter and hotter with every passing second, realizing my raising desire, I swiftly loosened my seatbelt and jumped on Michael side without unlocking our lips, I sat on his lap and pulled him closer by wrapping my hands around his neck, his windows were tainted black and so I had no fear of getting caught, couple of minutes later we both pulled away to catch our breath “I Want you now Babe..” Michael spoke to me in most seductive voice, he leaned in and started placing feather like kisses on my shoulder “Hmmm…Ahhh..” I gave out a soft moaned “Let’s do these today, I don’t want to wait any longer Aisha..” he said licking my earlobe “Today….. Yeah…” I said while my body was busy reacting to his touch, Michael took that opportunity and slide down his one hand inside my skirt and started drawing circles around my privates, we had barrier of my panties but still I was able to feel his hot touch, Michael was driving me crazy “What do you say, shall we do it today, I want to have honor of giving you your first orgasm?” he again asked me torturing my private with his fingers “yea..Yeas.. let’s do it” I said in horse voice, Michael quickly withdraw his hand and took my face in his hands “Really Babe..?” he questioned me with dark eyes, without thinking twice I replies ‘Yes’ to him “Ohk… lets meet today for dinner, ill pick you up at 8” he said and placed a warm kiss on my already swollen lips, I smiled back and got out of his car and we bid our goodbye and I watched him until his car was out of my sight and as soon as It did I turned to face my house, looking at my grandparents house reality struck me hard “What the Fuc… just happened” I spoke silently, my eyes opened wide in realization “Oh my God, I Just agreed to have sex with Michael!” I whisper yelled at myself, for next two minutes I kept staring at my Black wooden door ‘I am going to get screwed.., if my grandparents will come to know about this they will lecture me till my ears bleed, and now If I’ll back out from my promise to Michael, he might breakup with me!’ I spoke to myself ‘But doesn’t Michael love me? I think he can wait for me if I’ll explain him? But agin….isn’t he the one for me? I mean I can trust him can’t I?’ my mind was exploding with all sort of questioned, after spending approx 5 minutes on my stair staring at my door, I successfully got the feeling of ‘Guiltiness’ in me, letting out a deep breath and prepared myself to lie to my grandparents, I planned on informing my grandparents about my dinner date however avoiding these tine tiny detail of after dinner plan, I quickly put on a fake smile and jumped up to my door, I knocked couple of time but no one answered, I rang our door bell but still no response, I wasn’t used to carry our door key hence I was stuck outside, after failing few more time I decided to call on our landline number but strangely no one answered ‘My grandparents never leave their house during early evening time, then what must me the reason they are not responding? They are very old and might be sleeping?’ with that thought I tried calling them on their cell phone, my grandmother she did not picked up her call but thankfully my grandfather did “Hello Dada…where are you dada, I am waiting outside can you please open the door….I badly need to use restroom?” I beamed through my phone, which was true I was holding my pee from long time now “Hmm hello, my name is suzie ,who is this? and how are you related to owner of these phone?” a lady questioned from other line ‘I felt like déjà vu , first someone else answered my father phone and now a lady answered my grandfather phone, what on earth was going on today?’ “Ahem..i am his granddaughter, may I know why did you answered his phone and where is he?” I questioned her straight “well I am nurse in ‘Holy Care Hospital’ can you please come here soon as possible, your grandmother is admitted as she had a severe heart attack just few hours back and your grandfather he fainted as soon as your grandmother was taken into operation theater, they both are currently under our observation” she informed me with empathy, I got cold feet upon hearing her words because of which my phone almost slipped from my hand “Hea… heart attack?” I questioned her gulping down my saliva “Yes, are you coming here?” she questioned me “Yes am on my way” I replied and hung up and hastily made my way to nearest cab stand, I got in and asked driver to quickly take me to ‘Holy care hospital’ within just next 20 minutes I reached there, after settling my bill with cab driver I ran towards reception and inquired about my granies, as per information provided by receptionist I came a stood in front of a double door named ‘operation theater’ by that time I was sweating like a pig, my whole body was flushed, I was in haze when a hand touched my shoulder from behind and I almost jumped in fear “Relax relax I am just a nurse” she said “May I know who are you and what you are doing here?” she added on “I.. hmm my grandmother she is admitted her for.. for Heart attack” I said pointing towards operation theater door “Oh..okay so you are the granddaughter I spoke to earlier, I am Suzie, please follow me your grandfather is in other room” she said motioning me to follow her, I nodded and followed her like a lost puppy, she took me inside a room where I saw my grandfather sitting lifelessly on bed staring at something in his hand, as soon as he realized my presence he broke out into tears, I sat close

to him and gave him a tight hug, in between our cries I saw what he was holding in his hand ‘It was a wedding picture of my parents’ “Da.. dada don’t worry everything will be fine, please you be strong, dadi will be fine soon believe in God, he will help us” I said with tears flowing down my cheeks, after couple of minutes my grandfather turned to me and I saw his blood shot eyes, that moment lots of emotion flashed in his eyes at once “Aisha..! Yo.. your parents the.. They are dead” he said almost in whisper and hearing his words I froze on spot.

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