Scene 24

"Um ..." Cheryl muttered tackily. The girl is eating sandwiches with various mixes. And indeed, it tastes perfect, or Cheryl is starving. Cheryl's expression shows both of them, hungry and also enjoying the food so delicious.

They are dating again.

How many times have Cheryl and the one dated? Since that day, their lives are no longer lonely, especially the one who always takes Cheryl around and exploring all corners of the region. They will leave when Cheryl finishes college or the one who has returned from practice.

Cheryl was sitting on a wooden bench with a large round table separating herself from the one. They were in the shade of a large rainbow-colored umbrella. Cheryl was eating bread, and the one was only drinking a small cup of hot cappuccino, smoking a cigarette. Honestly, Cheryl hates people smoking, smell cigarettes. The girl is already dizzy—since the one always makes her happy, so Cheryl forgives.

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