Author: _Bed_Of_Roses

Chapter one

  She glanced at the clock and the amount of time that had passed by wasn't a surprise to her.

  She was always fond of spending hours in the bathroom. To her, it was one of the few opportunities she had to meditate and she cherished every moment of it.

  With her towel wrapped around her porcelain figure, she walked to her wardrobe to pick out her outfit for the day.

Its not like she had any special garments or clothings, in fact anyone who set eyes in her closet would think she's in dire need of a shopping list because every attire in her wardrobe was made of black.

  Well... Except a grey sweater her brother had gotten her for thanksgiving last year.

  Not to get her wrong, she wasn't depressed or suffering from anything related to depression. Black was just her favorite color.

  Opening the doors to her wardrobe, she settled for a black, turtle necked sweater and black jeans.

Somehow it was still raining in july, and may it be mentioned that it isn't light showers or drizzles. Weather researchers and forecasts did mention it due to climatic changes and most especially global warming.

  Either way she had to be kitted up and still look formal. She had to present a contracted job to a client today and she couldn't mess it up.

  An elderly man named Mr Cunsolo had contracted her to create an emboss mosaic image of his boss to be put up in his apartment when he moves into town because of a club transfer. His boss was actually a footballer.

  She wasn't one who was into sports so despite being given an image to work with, she had no idea who he was. 

  But that was no problem to her, the major excitement of this deal was because it was her biggest contract ever. The first time someone was paying in millions for her work.

  When she was contacted at first and she heard the price, it honestly left her aghast. She had to enquire on how she was found.

  Mr Cunsolo did explain. Admitted to seeing her artwork on display at a mini restaurant downtown and he had loved it.

  To him it was just a contract. To her it was an achievement. So she had to put her very best effort in order not to disappoint.

 And she believes she didn't.

 Her work was already sent to the location, it was hung yesterday at the young mans mansion in anticipation of his arrival and she ought to be present to receive the credit at least.

 With a brief smile on her face, she stripped out of her towel and began to shimmy into her jeans when her phone vibrated cause of an incoming text.

 She made sure to zip up her jeans and buckle her bra before going to check on what information she had received.

 A tiny thought in her suggested it was Mr Cunsolo reminding her of her appointment this morning and when she picked up her phone, she wasn't wrong.

'He would be here in an hour'

  Her client would arrive in an hour. She was finally going to meet the man who patronized her with such a big amount and she couldn't help but be excited.

 Shimmying into her top and humming an awkward rhythm to herself, she walked towards the mirror to pack her hair into her usual straight ponytail.

 It suited the occasion the most anyway.

 Whilst brushing her hair, it occured to her that she hadn't eaten breakfast but quickly decided against it.

 She was full to the brim with excitement.

  After she was done, she looked at her tiny figure once again in the mirror and snatched her purse from the edge of the bed.

 She headed for the door happily and made a mental note to call her mother and tell her of how everything went. Protection Status