Gerald's Attempt to kill the Cambion

Adoneram Pov 

It's cold and my surroundings seem silent. Where on earth am I? The last thing I recollected from my thoughts was I crawled and hid under the truck to study their movements but I was the one who eats on my trap. Someone found me and put me here. 

I felt that something was on my wrist and when I opened my eyes, I was terrified to see myself hanging in thick chains and my feet were tied up too. 

I started to struggles but it's useless. I tried to transform but I can't do it. 

"Why? What's happening?" I asked myself.

I scattered my vision to find Yennifer anywhere in this room but she's nowhere to find until I heard a chuckle coming from my door. 


"Gerald?" Adoneram mumbled when it clears in his eyes the person in front of him. 

He saw him smirked and he glared at him like he's up to something bad. 

"Yes, it's me and I came here to kill you!"

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