In love with my professor
In love with my professor
Author: Elixir Winters

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✨In love with my professor ✨

        I sighed loudly as I'm sitting outside the building on a solid bench. My hand was holding a book, which was your college book it's a book my future depending on it.

     I did so many works and struggled a lot with assignments still it wasn't enough.

       Facts. I am an orphan. I didn't have any family so you ended up staying on my own in a shabby apartment trying so hard with my studies to pass the semester but I  didn't have enough balance to pay for my tuition.

         So I ended up working all day long searching for money. For school. I worked a lot. Some days I am a barista, then a dishwasher, then a librarian, then a cashier, and more. Named it I it all.

        I sighed thinking I don't have anyone in My life to turn for help. Now, where can I find some money for the balance?

       The due date will be a month starting that day. How can I find money within a month?

        Then I got a phone call it was a call from my school to inform me to pay the fees as soon as possible but I don't have much money. 

         I sighed and walk around the city, spending the rest of the day searching for the job but unfortunately, none are available.

        I was starting to head back home when the sun begins to set, but I heard about a club while out in the city today, so I thought why the hell not?

         Finding a club was easy, considering that a fair amount of people were waiting outside of the building to get inside.

         I decided to take chances and wait it out too. Besides, I don't have to wake up early for a job or school because already everything is ruined so the night is all mine.


It's wasn't a long wait, but once I pass through the entry I saw why it took a little while to get in. The inside is full of people.

Music is blasting, and lights are flashing around the night club. People are dancing on one another, gripping each other like hungry animals craving anything and everything that involves sexual contact. Seeing such a sight makes me decide to take chances with the bar crowd instead.

I took a seat on an empty barstool and get a beverage to try and forgot about today. Honestly, I don't care anymore. I need money badly. So far. I only have what's in my purse so why not try to relax a little. After all, with the day I've gone through, I deserve it.

A man I've never seen before places his hand on my shoulder. "Are you alone?" he asked and I lie, "Sorry, but I'm here with my boyfriend."

"Oh really? but I don't see him"

He starts to move his hand from my shoulder to my lower back, before he can touch me any further, a hand grabs his arm forcefully 

"What are you doing with my girlfriend, pal" Another guy I've never seen asks 

"Nothing, just asking if she's lonely."

"Well, I assure you she isn't lonely.

The guy with black hair cupped my face and kiss my lips and he stares harshly at the guy who was touching me only seconds before. The other guy rushed away.

"Sorry. I just hate when drunk guys mess with the girls who want to be left alone." He admits, pointing at the empty seat beside me and sit there.

He starts up the conversation. After a little chatting, he asked me the reason why I'm looking so down. 

"I'm here to light up my mood and thinking about a way to get money.

"For what?"

He asked as he put his arm on my back but strangely I don't feel weird by his touch instead I  wanted him more. Even the fact that I didn't even know his name was eating me alive in the best way possible.

"Money for paying my tuition, " I answered, for some reason feeling slightly embarrassed, like I was suddenly under a microscope. "I go to school not far from here.

"Ah so young, do you like math?" he licked his lips and it sent a shiver down my body.

"No, it's not my cup of tea, "I answer firmly and we both laughed.

I proceeded to tell him about my past and all  I looked up the stranger who was already looking at me and I blushed looking down at my feet.

"Thanks for listening to me. I didn't mean to keep going on like that.".

"Hey, it's ok. I asked you didn't I?

By the way, do you want to somewhere else it's so noisy here" he offers me his hand to hold but I hesitate to hold it but at last I take his hand and he drags me along with him partying the crowd and take me to a quite VVIP room?

"This is a pretty cool place." I kept looking around but his eyesight was on me, watching my every move.

"Well, you can sit anywhere. Sit on that couch, it's pretty comfortable," he suggested. "Plus this room is soundproof," he added slowly.

I raised my eyebrows slightly."Jesus, are you planning on killing me"?

"Not quite" He chuckled and come to me. He used his arm to push me off the couch and looked down closer to me. "You think you could finally tell me your name, kitten?

I looked at him, inches away from my face just waiting for an answer. I felt like his words hit my core like guitar strings being plucked.

"Jennifer," I said a little louder.

He looked down at me with a small smirk, "Mh, that's pretty but I think I like a kitten just a bit more."

"what about you?" I asked quietly.

"Oh, don't worry about my name, Jennifer. You can call me daddy and I'll help you pay for your expenses."

I think something and giggle slightly and he pulled back? 

"Something funny, kitten?".

I shook my head smiling, "Isn't it weird to call you daddy and why would you pay my college fees?" 

He chuckled, "Yeah I will and you're going o experience how to call me daddy, tonight."

I finally agreed cause I couldn't handle his temptation.

"Fine.... I'll do this for you, Daddy.....

Seeing my reaction he grunted and closed the gap between the two of us, bringing his lips to mine. I gasped at the sudden gesture but it was soon covered with a moan. I'm making out with a person I don't even know and he's bringing his hand to my body to feel it.

I brought a hand to his neck, wanting this kiss to be as deep as it could. His lips tasted of wine which made me smile. Our kisses were hard and sloppy as it was my first time being touched and kissed as I'm a virgin, I didn't even know this feeling of being touched by someone in this way. 

But I wanted his touch so badly that I couldn't control myself and deepen the kiss. 

He chuckled, pulling away, "Mhh, kitten's eager, aren't you?

I nodded looking into his eyes intensely, holding on to his jacket, "I am, daddy yes I am."

He was slightly surprised looking at me playing along with him, making him harder. He was enjoying it, his jaw clenched.

His hand found his way to pull up my skirt and he pushed it up. Looking at your thighs, making your breath hitch. " Shit Jennifer".

He grinned as he reached my panty and rubbed me through them. "Already so wet for me?" He smirked and I looked away hiding my embarrassed state.

"No, no kitten, daddy like it, look into my eyes. He holds my chin to make me look into his eyes. 

"Fuck. I like it so much." he looked at my body and the way I was blushing by his touch.

I looked at him, " You do?" He nodded, moving my panty to the side. Then he started rubbing my clit and I whimpered, still staring at him. 

"The way you looking into my eyes, it makes daddy very happy." he looked at me with such intensity but I couldn't look away this time for some reason. His long fingers felt so good, I was aching to have them inside of me. "I've been watching you all evening, even before you see me. I knew you would be such a good little kitty for me." He whispered the end, pushing one finger into me. 

My mouth opened but nothing came out, I was filled with so much pleasure to speak, I could already feel something inside my stomach. He added another finger, working them slowly inside of me with his thumb on my clit, massaging it. I moaned out of it, as he sat down watching me whimpered and I ended up coming all over his fingers. 

"Well damn," He brought his finger, sucking my liquid arousal off of them." So sweet," he said after he licked them clean. 

"You know what will happen now," he asked looking at my scared expression. I already knew where this is going. 

" Before we have sex-" he starts but I cut him off with a kiss.

I know what he's exactly going to say but you can't control your desire. " I get it, I need this, I need you right now," I say pulling back.

His eyes looked so shocked. " I'm rea-" he cuts me off with an intense kiss. 

This time he's so gentle that it melts my heart, which makes me feel better about having this perfect stranger taking my virginity.

His hands cupped my cheeks lovingly as he slowly deepens the kiss.

He raised up and started taking off his clothes. He pulled off his shirt and tossed it on the floor and kicked off his pants too.

He pulled off the clothes which I was wearing and dropped them on the floor. I was completely naked. His eyes roamed around my body. His gaze goes from my eyes to every part of my body. My eyes too traveled his body and went to the part where I see how excited he is. 

He doesn't waste any time and deepening the makeout session. His hot skin against me sends chills of excitement to my body.

He started making trials of wet kisses down to my neck and he softly leaves a love bite.

His hands find my breasts, he started massaging them and I arch more into his hands.

He lays my back on the couch and started licking and sucking my nipples, he got up from me and put on the condom on his cock.

He moves my legs apart getting a wide view of my pussy. 

He spaces apart my folds and started rubbing himself on my clit. He brings down his cock to my entrance, and with a swift move, he inches his way inside me. 

He grunted because of my tightness and I scream. 

"You're so tight" he closes his eyes and takes everything in him to not fuck me so hard. 

He drives himself further inside me. When he stops he looks down at me. 

"I'm going deep down in," he said and his hips moving forward and backward entering inside me.

The pain slowly begins to decrease and I started feeling pleasure having him inside of me.

"Daddy go a little faster," I beg and his hips grind against me while he bends down to suck on my nipple. I wrapped my hands around his neck.

"You feel so hot inside," he said and looked down to where we both were connected as he increased his pace. 

I moaned loudly begging him not to stop. I cry out while he thrust inside me harshly. 

"I'm not gonna stop kitten" he goes on harshly and I know I'm going to come soon.

He fucked me on the couch. I wanted more and more of him. and I didn't even know his name Until he wanted to scream his name.

"Scream my name" he stated, he was pounding into me so quickly I barely focused on what he asked of me.


"No, my name, kitten" he was close too.

"I don't know your name, you didn't tell me it, Shit!!!" I closed my eyes, I wasn't about last.


" Oh fuck, yes, Timot-" I opened my eyes, " Wait, Timothy?" 

"Yes, kitten just like that,

Say Timothy daddy"

" No wait, as on Timothy, you're our new professor?? Oh shit!!!"

He was still fucking me and my body couldn't take it, making me come again. Timothy came with me, shouting my name and laying his head on my shoulder.

I pushed him off. " You really are the professor Timothy,  aren't you?" 

He rolled his eyes and said " What like you really didn't know, you're no different from the other girl students of your class. They want me to fuck them and they please me to pass their semester." 

I had never been so angry in my life before and I slapped him trying to hold back my tears. He huffed out a laugh and nibbles his tongue into his cheek. I pushed myself up and tried to run.

"Shit" he mumbled, "you really didn't know?"

"No, if I knew it I wouldn't have even gone through this," I yelled at him.

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