In an empty club with pale light bulb flickering on side walls. In the middle, two men looking at each other with dark eyes were sipping there tea.

Lucifer was unable to take this eye competition for too long. He finally broke the silence.

"Why you want to meet me?" Lucifer asked him while crossing his legs. He tapped his foot on ground showing how impatient he was but there was no response from other side.

Lucifer went his anger on tea cup and throw it on floor harshly. But Danzell  was not a least affected by his actions. 

"Bring me red wine" Lucifer barked. Poor waiter shrank in fright. He ran to fetch wine. 

Lucifer lose his composure and pulled out his Heckler and Koch 9mm pistol infront of Danzell.

Danzell laughed sarcastically at his gesture. "Are you afraid of me Lucifer.?" 

Danzell asked rubbing his chin with index finger. Lucifer groane

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