The Alpha

"Crap! What happened?" Wolf looked at the gate. "Where did he go?"

"Fuck! what do we do now?" Guss's panicked like a herd of sheep.

"Did he just teleported beyond the gate?? Is he alive or dead?"

The Ancient Gate being an active teleporter was the last thing that everybody expected. Even more, its destination coordinated, and the range was also unknown. He could be anywhere, buried miles inside the ground or even deep inside the bottomless sea.  

"I guess, we will have to find that out ourselves!" Lin sighed heavily.

"Alright! I am going in, you can choose not to come... but,"  Lin proceeded towards that door then looked back. "Let me say it clearly, Whatever we find from that side will only belong to those who risk their lives."

This time Lin gave everybody a choice instead of an order as a squad leader. Lin's primary objective behind this was to filter out people who can really stand straight against an unknown danger. It wa

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