Until Then: The DNA Test

The next morning, Ayane, Ryuji and the twins were supposed to go back to Osaka. Ayane called Rei to send over the private jet for a faster flight. She needed to get back to Osaka since she’s been gone for a few days. Rei had been filling in for her at the company but there were some matters that needed her attention. The twins woke up bright and early; waking up their parents who were still fast asleep. 

“Mommy, wake up.” Yelled Kotaro as he shook his mother’s body to wake her up; Kayda did the same to Ryuji who slept late last night due to urgent business. Ayane opened her eyes and saw the twins making a fuss. She sat up and stretched her arms. She looked over to Ryuji and noticed that he was desperately trying to cover his ears using his pillow. She felt bad seeing Ryuji like that. 

“Kayda, come here.” She called out to her. Kayda crawled all the way up to her mother. Ayane patted her head and smiled. 

“Daddy is tired. It’s better if we don’t wake him up yet. Why don’t we get some breakfast?” She suggested. The twins agreed and they got off the bed along with Ayane. Before they could leave the room, Kayda went back to the bed and whispered something to Ryuji. After that, she went back to Ayane’s side and asked her to stoop down. Kayda whispered in her mother’s ear. 

“You should give daddy a kiss and tell him where we are going.” She suggested. Ayane blushed at the thought. She looked at Kayda who was looking at her expectantly. With a sigh, she agreed and went over to Ryuji’s side. She lowered her head up to his ear and was about to whisper when Ryuji suddenly wrapped his arms around Ayane’s neck and pulled her back to the bed. 

“Wha--…” She was pinned under Ryuji on the bed. She looked up at him and he had a sly grin on his face. Ayane heard the twins giggling behind him. They made their way up the bed beside Ryuji. Ayane realized what just happened and she couldn’t help but laugh. 

“I thought the kids were too suspicious; it turns out there was a mastermind behind all of it.” She said. The twins squeezed themselves between Ryuji and Ayane. Ryuji pulled Ayane to her side with the twins still in the middle of their embrace.

“All right, it’s time to get up.” Ayane said. Ryuji let her go and she sat up. Ryuji and the twins followed after her. Kayda looked at her mother expectantly. Ayane was confused why she was looking at her like that. 

“What’s wrong Kayda?” Ayane asked. 

“You didn’t give daddy a kiss.” She said. Both Ayane and Ryuji were surprised by what she said. Kotaro nodded furiously, agreeing to what his twin sister said. 

“Mommy Rei said that mommies and daddies give kisses in the morning.” Kotaro answered. Ayane found the situation embarrassing at the same time hilarious; she face-palmed herself while giggling. 

Rei, what have you been teaching my children? You’re dead once I get to Osaka. Ayane thought to herself. Feeling defeated, Ayane caved in to the twins’ request. She scooted over to Ryuji and kissed his cheek but Ryuji turned his head and Ayane ended up kissing him on the lips. She quickly pulled away and hid her face. 

“Mommy doesn’t like daddy?” Kayda asked, looking worried. Ayane quickly faced Kayda and shook her head. 

“No, it’s not like that. Mommy is just embarrassed.” Ayane reasoned out. Kayda bought her mother’s excuse and grinned. Both she and Kotaro climbed out of bed and went to the living room. Ayane looked at Ryuji who was smiling. She raised her eyebrow at him. 

“Don’t get carried away.” She said while pouting and crossing her arms. Ryuji let out a chuckle. He leaned closer to Ayane making her lean back to avoid him but she eventually lost her balance and toppled back on the bed. Ryuji positioned himself on top of her. 

“What now?” She asked impatiently. Ryuji looked at her with loving eyes. Ayane avoided his gaze. She felt embarrassed being under his gaze like that; it was a look she thought she would never see again. The same look that Kenji always had whenever they were together. There was a fleeting feeling in the pit of her stomach; she didn’t like it. 

“I’m sorry for scaring you.” Ryuji said. Ayane looked at him and saw an apologetic look on his face. He rested his head on Ayane’s chest. She was confused why he was acting that way. She put her hand on his head and gently caressed his hair. Ryuji seemed surprised by her gentle touch and he immediately pulled away, looking like a startled deer in headlights. Ayane looked worried so she sat up and looked at Ryuji. 

“Are you okay?” Ayane asked. She held her hand to Ryuji’s forehead to check if he was having a fever. He didn’t feel hot to Ayane. Before she could lower her hand, Ryuji took it in his and placed it on his cheek. He looked at Ayane, his eyes filled with emotion she hasn’t seen for a long time. 

“I’ve never felt better.” Ryuji said. He cupped Ayane’s face in his hands and placed a gentle kiss on her forehead. He left the bed and went to the living room where the twins were. Ayane was left there confused as to what had just happened. Her cheeks were flushed red when she touched her forehead where Ryuji left a lingering kiss. 

She stood up and followed after Ryuji. When she stepped in the living room, she saw Ryuji happily playing with the twins. Ayane leaned by the wall while looking at the twins having fun. She had conflicting emotions brewing inside her. She knew in her heart that she was willing to open up to Ryuji but the pains of her past kept creeping in her head reminding her of the memories she wanted to forget. 

“Mommy, look out! The dragon will get you.” Kayda and Kotaro ran towards Ayane while being chased by Ryuji. The twins hid behind their mother while laughing. Ayane felt happy seeing her kids enjoying themselves so she decided to play along. She flung her arm to cover the twins behind her. 

“No one dare hurt the prince and princess.” Ayane pretended. The twins looked at each other and laughed. Ryuji cracked a smile and pretended to be an evil dragon. 

“Step aside; I need the soul of the prince and princess.” Ryuji deepened his voice on purpose. He swiftly ran towards Ayane and carried her bridal style. He was too fast for Ayane to react immediately. She hadn’t realized what had happened before she was in Ryuji’s arms. The twins looked at their mother being carried by Ryuji. They were anticipating what would happen next. 

“You have a powerful soul. I shall have you instead.” Ryuji carried Ayane around the living room while the twins followed along. Ayane squirmed in Ryuji’s arms to get away but he held her tight. He stopped in front of the couch and placed Ayane down gently. 

“It’s time to feast.” He said. Ryuji motioned for the kids to come closer. Ayane was confused about what was happening. The twins and Ryuji looked at each other with suspicious smiles on their faces. Just then, they started to plant kisses all over Ayane’s face. She was especially ticklish when it came to her face and the kisses from the twins tickled her making her laugh. 

“Stop… Haha… That’s… enough… haha…” She tried pushing the twins away but they kept on kissing her. They finally stopped when Ryuji told them to. Ayane thought it was over when Ryuji pulled her up by her arms and helped her sit down. He took a towel from the bathroom and wiped it all over Ayane’s face which was covered by the twins’ saliva. 

“Okay, let’s get ready. We’ll have breakfast first before we go to the airport.” Ayane said. The twins nodded in response and proceeded to walk to the bathroom. She turned to Ryuji who was smiling at her. She threw the towel at his face. Ryuji was surprised but quickly regained his composure. When he pulled the towel away from him, he was surprised when Ayane cupped his face and placed a kiss on his cheek.

“Thank you for making the twins happy.” She said; her words were filled with warmth. Ryuji looked into Ayane’s eyes. They stared at each other, yearning for each other’s warmth but too stubborn to realize. Ryuji looked at Ayane’s lips, signifying what he was after. He slowly inched closer, closing the gap between them. Ayane closed her eyes, anticipating the taste of Ryuji’s lips. 

“MOMMY!” Kayda and Kotaro shouted for their mother from the bathroom. Ayane and Ryuji snapped out of their trance and when they realized what was about to happen between them, they turned away from each other; blushing at the thought. Ayane stood up and went to the bathroom. 

“Mommy’s going to help you take your bath now, okay?” Ayane said to the twins. Feeling flushed from what happened a while ago, Ryuji decided to cool himself off in the other bathroom. After the twins had finished bathing, Ryuji was also done. He dressed up in his signature blue suit which Ayane adored about his wardrobe.

“Ryu, I’m going to take a bath. Please watch the twins.” She said. She went to the bathroom and showered in a hurry. It was almost 9:00 am and they still hadn't had breakfast. She dressed in a casual pastel blue sundress. She dried her hair, brushed her teeth and went out of the bathroom. She double-checked their luggage and found nothing out of place. They called for a bellboy to take their luggage downstairs to the car waiting for them. 

“Let’s go down to the restaurant to have brunch.” Ayane suggested. Ryuji carried the twins in his arms as they rode the elevator down to the restaurant. Ayane pointed to a table and Ryuji placed the twins down on the highchairs available. A waiter arrived and took their orders. 

“We’ll be busy once we’re back in Osaka. The work we left had probably piled up by now.” Ayane said to which Ryuji nodded. He took a sip from his coffee while reading a business magazine. Ayane looked at the twins who were playing with each other. Their food arrived and they ate in silence. After the meal, Ayane was about to pay for their stay when Ryuji handed his credit card first. 

“Hey, don’t… I’m the one wh--…” Ayane protested but she was quickly silenced by Ryuji who kissed her lips shut. Too embarrassed to argue, she turned away from him, trying to hide her blushing face. After the payment was made, they were on their way to the car when a commotion at the front door caught their attention. 

“Let me in. Do you know who I am? I have business with one of your guests.” Ayane thought the voice sounded familiar. She walked over to see who it was and she wasn’t mistaken. It was Miyu causing a scene at the entrance because she wasn’t allowed to enter. Their eyes met and Ayane saw a burning rage within Miyu.

“You!” She pointed at Ayane. Miyu tried to break free from the security’s grasp but was unsuccessful. She pushed her way in until the guards slipped and let her go. She made her way to Ayane. She stood in front of her and was ready to slap her but instead she looked at her menacingly. 

“Give me back my company!” She yelled. Security tried to restrain her but Ayane motioned for them to stop interfering. 

“Your company? As far as I know, my shares far exceed yours. So it’s technically MY Company.” Ayane answered. Miyu was taken aback by Ayane’s answer. She raised her hand ready to slap her but Ayane managed to catch her hand just in time. 

“Physical violence again? Haven’t you had enough 4 years ago?” Miyu’s eyes widened upon hearing Ayane’s words. She quickly drew back her arm and took a step back. At this point, she was scared about what else Ayane had information on. Just then, Kenji arrived at the scene. 

“Miyu? What happened? Why are you making a fuss here?” Kenji asked. She looked at Miyu but quickly noticed Ayane’s presence. He turned to her, anger clear in his voice. 

“Aya, I know you have a grudge on me but why do you have to take it out on Miyu? She worked hard to build her company and you just took it from her.” Kenji defended Miyu. Ayane was surprised but she kept her composure. She tried stifling her laughter but it was no use. She found the situation hilarious. 

“Oh Kenji, you’re just as gullible as ever. I can’t believe I even loved you back then.” Ayane said. Her words cut through Kenji like a sharp blade. 

“I’m surprised you made it this far in life being as blind as you are now but I guess it can’t be helped being this oblivious. I’d love to stay and chat but we have a plane to catch.” Ayane walked past the two of them with Ryuji carrying the twins trailing behind her. Miyu was completely engulfed in her anger that she tried to attack Ayane but she was quickly caught by security before she could lay a hand on Ayane. 

“Ayane! Stop!” Kenji shouted. He tried to catch up to her but he was stopped by security. Ayane looked back at him. He thought he saw sympathy in her eyes; he wanted to go after her but Ayane just smiled at him. He didn’t understand what that smile was for. He felt something wrong in the pit of his stomach. Kenji looked back at the mess that Miyu had created. Feeling embarrassed, he left the hotel as quickly as possible; leaving Miyu alone to handle the backlash.

Meanwhile, at the airport, Ayane looked troubled. Ryuji noticed this and put a comforting hand on her shoulder. 

“Are you sure you’re okay?” Ryuji asked. Ayane looked at him and nodded weakly. 

“I’m fine. Just a little bothered, that’s all.” Ryuji held Ayane’s hands and placed a tender kiss on her forehead. The twins noticed their mother’s woes and tried to comfort her as well. The private jet arrived and they boarded it immediately. The twins fell asleep in Ryuji’s arms during the whole flight. When they arrived at Osaka, Rei was already waiting for them. Ryuji woke up the twins when they were landing. The moment they saw Rei, they immediately ran to her. 

“Mommy Rei!” Both Kotaro and Kayda ran and hugged her. Ayane and Ryuji were behind them, enjoying the scene. 

“How was Tokyo? I’m expecting a lot of interesting stories.” Rei said. Ayane and Ryuji looked at each other and smiled. There were indeed a lot of stories to be told. Their luggage was taken out of the jet and transferred to the car. They sat inside and the driver started the car and drove off. 

“Will you be going to Habitect first or to your house?” Ayane asked Ryuji. He looked out the window for a few seconds before turning to Ayane and answering. 

“I need to be at Habitect. Grandpa’s been handling everything and he deserves a break.” Ryuji answered. Ayane nodded in response. They drove to Habitect and dropped off Ryuji. Before leaving the car, he said goodbye to the twins. 

“Daddy has to work now. You two be good, okay?” He planted a kiss on their foreheads. Kayda looked especially sullen. Ayane noticed this and held Kayda in her arms. 

“We’ll come and visit Daddy tomorrow, okay?” Ayane reassured Kayda. She quickly lit up and flashed a smile. 

“Really?” Kayda asked. Ayane looked at Ryuji, silently asking for approval. He smiled and nodded his head which meant he agreed. Feeling relieved, Ayane looked at Kayda and Kotaro. They were excited to visit Ryuji tomorrow. As the matter settled, Ryuji planted a kiss on Ayane’s cheek before stepping out of the car. This caught Ayane off-guard which made Rei smile. Ryuji waved goodbye while the car drove off. They were on their way back to the mansion to put their luggage away and to change before going back to Archetive. 

“It seems revenge wasn’t the only thing on the agenda in Tokyo.” Rei muttered under her breath but Ayane still heard her. She gave her a cold glare to which Rei laughed at. When they arrived at the mansion, the nannies helped with the luggage while Ayane, Rei and the kids went upstairs to change. Ayane excused herself to use the bathroom. While she was in there, Rei was doing her part for their plan. She asked Kayda if she could pull out a strand of hair to which Kayda agreed to. 

“Don’t tell mom what happened.” She said. Kayda smiled and nodded. Rei quickly placed the hair in a tiny Ziploc bag and tucked it in her purse. Ayane stepped out of the bathroom, already changed. They went back down to the front and the driver pulled up with the car to take them to Archetive. On the way, Rei briefed Ayane on the matters that happened without her. Her schedule was packed tight since her paperwork has piled up. Ayane had meetings left and right and didn’t even have time to check her phone. 

On the other side, Ryuji was also very busy. He had no time to check up on Ayane since his work had piled up as well. Seeing how busy he was, Mr. Taizo thought of a way to get a piece of his hair. Being the mastermind that he is, he silently walked behind Ryuji while he was seated on his desk signing documents. He reached out for a single strand and when he had a firm grip on it, he quickly jerked his hand and it was plucked off. Ryuji noticed and was surprised. He turned to look at Mr. Taizo who was pretending to mind his own business. 

“Grandpa, what did you do?” He asked. Mr. Taizo looked at him, confused. 

“What do you mean?” Mr. Taizo asked. Ryuji thought he was just imagining the feeling of having a single hair plucked from his head. He shook his head and went back to signing documents. Feeling successful, Mr. Taizo quickly placed the hair inside the Ziploc bag he had. 

“Since you’ve settled in, I have an errand to run.” Mr. Taizo excused himself. Ryuji was only half paying attention. Before he could leave, Ryuji called out to him. 

“Grandpa, Ayane and the twins will be visiting tomorrow.” He said. Mr. Taizo turned to look at him but he was still busy looking at the documents on his table. Mr. Taizo didn’t answer and hurriedly went outside. He took out his phone and dialed Rei’s number. Back at Archetive, Ayane was the same as Ryuji, glued to her desk, checking and signing documents. Rei’s phone rang and she excused herself to answer it. 

“Yes, Mr. Taizo?” Rei started. 

“I have the sample. Did you get yours?” Mr. Taizo asked. Rei sighed. 

“I have it.” She answered. She heard Mr. Taizo squeal in excitement. They agreed to meet immediately to check since they couldn’t wait any longer. When the call ended, Rei left Archetive after asking permission from Ayane; Mr. Taizo texted Rei an address of a hospital where they were planning to meet. When Rei arrived, Mr. Taizo was already waiting for her. 

“Sorry for making you wait.” Rei said. Mr. Taizo shook his head. 

“Let’s go inside. I have a friend here who’s going to handle the paternity test. We’ll be able to get the result in just a few minutes.” Mr. Taizo said excitedly. They went inside to where the paternity test was being handled. It was indeed a friend of Mr. Taizo and they had a short introduction before they each handed out the sample they collected. With crossed fingers, they waited for the result. A few minutes later and the doctor stepped out of the laboratory and handed them a piece of paper. Mr. Taizo scanned the document and was both surprised and elated. 

“It’s a match. The twins are truly Ryuji’s kids.” Mr. Taizo said with tears in his eyes. Rei couldn’t believe her ears and she quickly took the document from Mr. Taizo’s hands. She read it herself and she felt like crying. When they both calmed down, they discussed what to do next. 

“Should we tell them?” Rei asked. Mr. Taizo was silent for he was confused on what was the right thing to do. Rei reread the document and a thought struck her. 

“Mr. Taizo, I’m confused about something.” Rei started. Mr. Taizo looked at her with a raised eyebrow. 

“The only time Ayane slept with someone was during your party back when she was still your assistant and even then, she couldn’t remember what happened that night. Is it possible that Ryuji… took advantage of her?” Rei asked. Mr. Taizo became alarmed but he knew his grandson. 

“Something happened that night that only Ryuji knows. If he ever decides to tell the truth to Ayane then this paternity test will be useless. We don’t have the right to meddle any further than this. We just have to be there when it matters.” Mr. Taizo said. Rei looked at him and nodded. What he said was true. It was between Ryuji and Ayane; the two of them can’t meddle any further than what they’ve discovered. They decided to keep the revelation to themselves. They went back to each other’s company knowing they held the answer to the questions left unanswered. 

When Rei came back, all of the documents on Ayane’s desk were signed and filed accordingly. Ayane was in the twins’ playroom reading them a story. She wondered what happened during that night. What secrets Ryuji kept from Ayane that until now, he hasn’t told her. On Mr. Taizo’s end, when he arrived back at Habitect, Ryuji was on his desk sipping on his coffee. He was done with his paperwork and was taking a break. He noticed Mr. Taizo enter the room right away.

“Grandpa, where did you go? Did you hear what I said about Ayane and the twins visiting?” Ryuji asked. Mr. Taizo took a seat in front of Ryuji.

“Yes, I heard you. I’ll ask your grandma to prepare something nice for them.” Mr. Taizo said to which Ryuji smiled in response. Mr. Taizo was curious about Ryuji and Ayane’s past but he felt that he shouldn’t push anything for it might make things worse. He decided to keep his mouth shut about the situation. Back at Archetive, Rei entered the twins’ play room to talk to Ayane. They noticed her presence right away.

“Mommy Rei, do you want to listen to the story too?” Kayda asked. Rei shook her head and smiled. 

“I need to talk to your mommy. May I?” She asked. The twins looked at each other and smiled. Ayane stood up and went outside the room with Rei in tow. 

“Is there a problem?” Ayane asked. Rei was so tempted to tell her what she found out but she had no right to do so. Instead, she hid the information from Ayane. 

“One of our investors came in person today to talk to you. They’re in the conference room.” Rei said. Ayane smiled at her and went directly to the conference room leaving Rei standing in the middle of the hallway. She felt guilty of hiding very important information from Ayane but she also thought that if she revealed it to her right now, it might cause a misunderstanding between them and they may not be able to reconcile afterwards. It’d be better if Ryuji were to admit his side first. Rei sighed and followed after Ayane. 

It was a long day but both of them managed to pull through. Rei, Ayane and the twins were in the car headed for their mansion. The twins fell asleep during the car ride. Ayane and Rei placed them on their bed as the adults went back downstairs to talk. Rei was about to ask Ayane a question when her phone rang. 

“Who is it?” Asked Rei; Ayane seemed disturbed upon seeing the caller’s ID. She excused herself and went outside to answer the call. Rei thought Ayane was acting weird about a phone call. A few minutes went by and Ayane entered the house again. Rei looked at her and she seemed different; more tired than usual.

“Is something the matter? Who was that?” Rei asked again. Ayane sat down next to her on the couch as she let out a deep sigh. 

“My body’s just now processing how tired it actually is. I feel like something dropped on top of me and I can’t move.” Ayane answered. Rei knew she was avoiding answering her first question but she didn’t want to push it. Instead, she held Ayane’s hand and reassured her. 

“You should go and get some rest. Tomorrow’s a Sunday anyway. You can sleep in and I’ll handle the twins just until you’re ready to leave for Ryuji’s house.” Rei said. Ayane smiled at her and thanked her. She went upstairs to her bedroom and Rei was left in the living room feeling tired. She decided to head to her room and sleep.

Ayane did what Rei told her. She slept in while the twins were with Rei early in the morning. It was around 9 am when Ayane woke up. She took a bath and got ready for their visit at the Tennoujis. When she came down to the living room, the twins were already ready. 

“Good morning Mommy.” Both the twins greeted her and gave her a peck on the cheek. 

“Will you be coming with us?” Ayane asked Rei to which she responded by shaking her head.

“I have a date today.” Rei said proudly. Ayane was surprised to hear this from Rei. She smiled at her menacingly. 

“Will it be something for real this time?” Ayane asked. Rei blushed and smiled. She didn’t answer but she knew Ayane was just teasing her. Ayane took out her phone and dialed Ryuji’s number. 

“Good morning Ayane.” Ryuji answered. Ayane scoffed at his greeting.

“You sound happy.” Ayane answered. She heard Ryuji chuckle at the other end. 

“I’m just happy to hear your voice.” Ryuji answered. Ayane shook her head but she had a smile on her face and her cheeks started to get red. 

“Anyway, the twins and I are heading there right now.” Ayane said. 

“Okay, I’ll be waiting for you.” Ryuji said. They ended the call and Ayane tucked her phone back in her purse. They headed out to the front and got in their respective cars. Ayane strapped the twins in their car seats before she buckled up on her own. The twins waved goodbye at Rei as Ayane started the car and drove off. 

“Are you excited to see Daddy?” Ayane asked the twins. Both responded by clapping their hands and nodding their heads. Ayane smiled at her kids’ reaction. A few minutes later they arrived at the Tennouji mansion. Ryuji was waiting by the front door when they arrived. Ayane parked the car and helped the twins unbuckle their seatbelts. They immediately ran to Ryuji when they stepped out of the car. 

“Daddy!” the twins said in unison. Ryuji welcomed them with open arms and carried them. Ayane smiled at the scene she’s witnessing. Kayda and Kotaro planted kisses all over Ryuji’s face. 

“Okay you two, that’s enough. Daddy’s covered in your saliva.” Ayane said as she walked closer to them. Kayda looked at her mom and then back to her dad. She was waiting for something to happen. Ryuji noticed this and tried asking her.

“What’s the matter, Kayda?” Ryuji asked. 

“Isn’t mommy going to kiss you? Isn’t that what mommies are supposed to do?” She said. Ayane and Ryuji were surprised to hear this. Ryuji wasn’t expecting anything but he was surprised when Ayane walked up to him and gave him a light kiss on the cheek. She looked at Ayane who had a smile on her face. Kayda and Kotaro both were giggling at what happened. 

“Okay, let’s go inside. Grandpa and grandma are waiting for you.” Ryuji said. He let the twins down and they ran towards the house. He and Ayane were walking side by side while talking.

“Are you okay? You seem a bit tired.” Ryuji asked Ayane. She looked at him and smiled. 

“I’m surprised you’re not tired after everything.” Ayane answered. Ryuji looked at her and smiled. 

“As long as I get to see you, my fatigue disappears.” Ryuji answered. Ayane couldn’t help but giggle at his attempts at flirting. Unconsciously, she wrapped her arm around Ryuji’s arm. They stepped inside and were greeted by Mr. and Mrs. Tennouji. 

“Hello dear, you must be Ayane. I’m Kaede but you can call me grandma too if you like.” Mrs. Tennouji greeted her. Ayane smiled and shook her hand. Mr. Taizo came up to them with the twins standing beside him.

“Now tell me again, where’s your daddy?” Mr. Taizo asked the twins. Both of them pointed to Ryuji which made Mr. Taizo laugh. He had heard from Ryuji that the twins call him daddy to which he felt elated, especially when he found out that Ryuji was the twins’ actual father.

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