Chapter 22

I opened my eyes early in the morning, surprised at how well I had slept. Not a single nightmare plagued me and with a quick glance to my left I could easily see why.

Killian was still asleep, his face angelic and strangely peaceful. Sierra hummed in my head at the sight of our maginificent mate, and I couldn't help but agree at her observation. He definitely was magnificent.

"Claire," Killian grumbled, his deep voice clouded with sleep. Even husky and tired, his voice sent chills running down me. I jumped at the sound of his voice, heat rushing to my face at the thought of being caught again.

Killian opened one of his eyes and stared at my face. A small smirk slowly formed as he took in my flaming cheeks.

"Why do you insist on thinking so loudly?" Killian grumbled, his smirk deepening as a look of shock came over my face.

Sputtering, I gave him a half-assed reply, "I-I have no idea what you're talking about." I snapped, jumping
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goodnovel comment avatar
When does she turn 18
goodnovel comment avatar
Bella Jersey
Some days you have to put bit.ches in their places
goodnovel comment avatar
She’s done nothing to merit him telling her when he became alpha. If you want a little, you’ve got to give a little sweetheart.

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