Chapter 26

The ride to the club was beyond awkward.

A few of Kira's friends decided to join, along with Maria and her mate. Every seat was filled which meant I was stuck sitting on Killian's lap.

I know, I know. After everything that we've done you'd think I wouldn't be so timid, but I am. It seemed that every time I was alone with Killian it was next to impossible to control myself.

I felt my face flush as we hit yet another bump in the road, my bottom grinding into Killian's lap. I was all for public displays of affection but this was a little extreme.

And of course, my traitorous mind thought back to what happened in that small room only moments earlier. I never had a good outlook on sex, but Killian seemed to chase all of that away. I felt safe with him, safe enough to let him take control. He changed my outlook on a lot of things.

"Claire, stop thinking about that." Killian's deep voice whispered in my ear, tinged with amusement.
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Comments (8)
goodnovel comment avatar
It’s Maria’s mate thats there.. not her..
goodnovel comment avatar
Jessica Don
why hasn't Claire experienced her heat yet? in alpha Asher it was 2 weeks or something after being marked or will it not happen until Claire marks Killian?
goodnovel comment avatar
Bella Jersey
Damn you did cause you are survivor Maria and her are gonna so much fun

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