#4 Folk Villages Tales

"It feels so cold, I almost died because of this," muttered Lalin.


     Yuta handed me a cup of warm green tea, slightly smiled at Lalin. 


      "Put on my jacket," said Yuta then. 


      "You can catch a cold too," grumbled Lalin dismissing Yuta's jacket. 


       "You're a girl, while I'm a boy," Yuta replied. 


       Lalin looked up after collecting the snowflakes on the terrace of the inn. Then taunted Yuta. 


      "It's good that you two immediately go to rest, the air outside is very cold. You two can get sick. "Taeyong said without leaving the doorway of the inn. It was clear that he had started having the mild flu. 


      "Correct. Come on, go inside," said Yuta to Lalin.


      "Alright, I also feel tired. I'll sleep
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