Chapter 65 Red Light

I was doing some sit ups when an unexpected visitor arrived. At first, I was smiling because I thought that it was Byron. But when I saw Lord Ylgarr entering along with 4 freir sentinels, my smile dropped and was replaced with a frown.

“Took you a while to visit. I was starting to wonder if I actually scared you.” I smirked when I saw his face forming a frown.

“Insolence!” One of the sentinels tried to grab my shirt but I grabbed his arm first and twisted it.

“I may be insolent but I am still a demigod. Do not think for one second that I couldn’t break this arm of yours.” I threatened him before letting go of his hand. A look of pure hatred spread across the man’s face as he returned to his position. He was probably trying to act cool to threaten me. 

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