Chapter 2610

It seemed like Cindy had truly become arrogant.

“How dare you speak to Cindy that way?”

The bodyguards behind Cindy stepped forward and said haughtily, “Apologize to Cindy immediately. Otherwise, you’ll have to face the consequences.”

“Do you think I’m afraid of getting into trouble?” Eliza eyed Cindy coldly. “Cindy, Felix Media isn’t your company. Although I don’t know what method you used to make Chester so protective of you, you should know his attitude well.”

A short hint of fear flashed across Cindy’s heart. However, when she recalled Eliza slapping her arrogantly the other day, she laughed softly and walked toward Eliza. She lowered her voice and said, “Eliza, you might have yet to understand why your past scandals were all exposed in one night. To spare you from being in a daze, let me tell you the truth. Some time back, the internet was filled with the news about Stuart and me. Therefore, Chester and I came up with this idea to cover it up with your scandal and divert the
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