Mrs Parker took in the state of Rashid, he looked so messed up, like someone who had been over worrying himself for the past week.

His hair was all tousled and spiky, apart from his grey colored suit, his facial appearance wasn't good at all, yet, Mrs Parker didn't fail to notice that upon everything the man was good-looking.

He had stubbles beneath his jaw like though he hadn't shaved for week and his eyes looked so dark with eyebags beneath it, he looked like he hadn't been sleeping throughout the night.

"Are you sick?", that was the first question that popped out of Mrs Parker's mouth, "Ohhh sorry for asking this, it's not my business but you look so horrible.

Pretty sorry for saying that also", she jabbed.

"It's nothing, I know I have really been stressing myself out", he replied.

"Don't defend yourself, come have a seat boy", she ordered, giving him a warm smile.

Rashid sti

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