Sweet Time After An Eternity

After a pathetic morning, Cynthia had finally reached her school. high school, one of the most important stages in everyone's life.  Her school looked more like a resort with great architecture. Even though she wasn't able to go to her dream school she realised she wouldn't regret her decision of coming here. On the front main gate of the school, she saw a big board holding the school's name. 'THE TOMBSTONE HIGH SCHOOL ' ..since 1886 was written therein bold golden words. As she stepped nearer she saw a lot of chaos going on around here. Many were roaming alone like Cynthia she suspected them to be freshers like her.  But not everyone could be a fresher though. 

Although as enthusiastic to start a new stage of her life, she had an uneasiness too She was a bit petrified too. She was hoping that no one bullies her on the very first. She already had a bad morning with her aunt, uncle and Hecate ."'OMG ' will I be able to make new friends here ? Will someone insults me ..... hope they don't make fun of me .....What will I do ? ......OMG am so confused ... am so scared .... god please help me ", she carried on talking to herself doing some stupid talks. 

While she was preoccupied with her thoughts someone just came from the left side and accidentally bumped into Cynthia. She was a girl with light brown skin and curly hair tied in a low ponytail. She was quite skinny and a small face with light brown eyes and thin eyelashes. She wore a yellow floral dress with matching bellies. wearing round black glasses and holding a bundle of thick books in her hand as her bag was already full of books she looked completely like a nerd. 

They both fell... i'mmm..I'MMMMM ... so sorry .. they ... just ... just pushed   .... me and me....bumped ..yyy.. you ." said the girl collecting the books that she dropped on the ground. She looked more nervous than Cynthia the way she spoke. 

"NO! it's okay ..don't worry am fine. I know it just happened fortuitously, you don't need to apologize ." replied Cynthia helping her to pick up the books. 

" Thanks for helping me . " the girl said as they stood up and Cynthia handed her the books. 

" No worries! am happy to help," replied Cynthia with a radiant smile on her face. 

" By the way, HI is Cynthia and am a fresher here," said Cynthia introducing herself. 

" Hey, Cynthia nice to meet you! am Ada and am new here too," replied Ada.

" Nice name if you don't mind can we be friends ?." she asked 

" Friends????? you wanna be my, end. " Ada babbled. 

" Ya ... are you okay with it ?" Cynthia asked as she saw Ada's eyes getting wet. 

" No one wants to befriend with yyeyyay am ugly... am ugly .... they call me a nerd ... they make fun of me .....why do you wanna be my, friend....look at you You are so beautiful ...they'll burlesque you for having an ugly friend like me  ." babbled Ada 

" Come on Ada who said you are ugly. Just look at yourself, your hair is so perfect, I'll die for such beautiful curls. you are pretty in your own body and my dear I don't want a picture-perfect friend I was looking for someone innocent just like you. " Cynthia said cheering up Ada. 

Cynthia realised Ada was lonely like her too. They would make a perfect duo. They can talk to each other as they had a quite similar problem ' Loneliness'. 

" Thanks for making me feel special Cynthia," said Ada. 

" My pleasure dear replied Cynthia 

They started to walk towards the main entrance hall while introducing themselves to each other. 

" Okay so let me introduce myself, in brief You already know my name. I live with my aunt and uncle  Mr. & Mrs Cyprus and their daughter Hecate My parents died when I was 1 year old saving me from a house fire and my aunt still feels am responsible for their death and this is the reason she hates me a lot and hheredaudaughterlling me a jinx, yup that's a nickname she gave me. I don’t know if this was necessary to mention in an introduction but it's just that I talk to a very few people so I don't know ..." said Cynthia. 

" No it's fine, it's completely okay  I understand. You are brave Cynthia No one can ever guess that you have such a bad life and you are struggling, I mean you look so cheerful ahhappyAdaadaada 

" ya, it's just that habitual of all this now. Never mind leaving it tell me something about you, asked Cynthia. 

" Okay, we have ry Even I am an orphan I don't know my parents are dead or alive. I live with an old lady, I call her my grandmom. She adopted me from an orphanage and now we are a family, me grandmom and my stepbrother {her real grandson}Aden Yup, we have a quite similar name I was named after him though It's just that they aren't like your aunt and uncle, they treat me like a princess." said Ada. 

" Nice, am happy for you So tell me something about your interests ." emitted Cynthia, 

" I love reading books and am a big potter head. I love the whole series," said Ada 

" Oh my god one more common thing again am a potter head too," said Cynthia.

" Great am a huff puff and you ?" interrogated Ada 

" UMMM meet your Ravenclaw friend Ada and who do you crush on," replied Cynthia

" Of course Neville Longbottom and whom do you admire," said Ada.

" No doubt Draco for life ... By the way good choice." 

" Isn't Draco only   Cynthia's words?

" He is cool," replied Cynthia.

Both the potter heads kept on talking about their harry potter world until they reached the main hall.

As they reached the main hall they stood near the lift waiting for it to arrive as their classroom was on the 5th floor. They already walked through the 1 -2 km long pass way from the sports ground the school had in front so they had no energy left to walk through the staircases again. Everyone kept staring at Cynthia and why won't they .she had an attractive personality. A personality that makes everyone passing through stop and look back However, Cynthia was never interested in all this teen drama, she just wanted to escape reality and stay in her cal world. Along with them, o   n e more boy stood near the lift waiting for it to arrive He looked a bit boring and serious, busy listening to music 

" Who is he ? " whispered Cynthia in Ada's ear. 

" How would I know ... you know am a fresher too," replied Ada but she forgot to whisper and said a bit loudly and the boy heard it 

" You girls don't need to know who am i. It's better if you mind your own business ." said the boy. 

The lift arrived and the boy stepped inside. Cynthia and Ada got inside too. 

" Wasn't that too rude " whispered Cynthia in Ada's ears. 

" Ya,  what a rude douchebag ." said Ada in a slightly high pitch again. 

" Hey you miss picture perfect, you need to teach your friend how to whisper," said the boy looking at Cynthia. 

Cynthia gazed at Ada and Ada this time 'WHISPERED ' sorry. Cynthia passes a funny smile towards her just realising that how innocent Ada she behaves like a 6-year-old kid.

As they reached the 4th floor and the lift's door opened, they just saw a tall and a bit chubby girl with long black hair wearing an oversized t-shirt with jeans. She just said 'ALHOMOHRA' the harry potter spell used for opening doors magically. 

" What nonsense Davina   ! " said the boy and moved away. 

" S...Sorry ... Stathis ." said the girl.

Stathis didn't say anything just raised his hands in to show it's okay. 

Davina then turned back to Cynthia and Ada to apologize. She looked a bit embarrassed. She was about to say sorry that Cynthia and Ada spoke together smiling, " It's okay muggle's won't understand."  

This made Davina smile. " OH Great, New potter heads in Tombstone high. By the way am Davina a Slytherin., s he said.

" Nice to meet you, Davina, am Cynthia a Ravenclaw and she is Ada a Hufflepuff," exclaimed Cynthia.

" Great seeing you!  Welcome to ' TOMBSTONE HIGH '. It seems that you guys are freshers here so being a senior I'll love to help you Lemme take you guys to your class . " said Davina 

" We'll appreciate your concern ." Cynthia and Ada said together 

They kept introducing each other on their way to the classroom. This was the first time Cynthia was having such a lovely conversation with someone. Davina and Ada were super - friendly which helped Cynthia adapt to the new environment of the school. 

" Bye!  I'll see you guys in recess, have a nice day," said Davina as they reached the classroom. 

" BYE '" replied Cynthia and Ada as they stepped inside their classrooms. 

Ada and Cynthia both liked  Davina's personality. She was a bubbly and funny girl who won't like the company of such a kind of person who can make you laugh any time?

Ada and Cynthia entered the class together. Unfortunately, they didn't have a friendly welcome Everyone was busy doing their Most of them were in groups gossiping. 

Ada and Cynthia sat down beside each other without trying to introduce themselves to all their new classmates. Their teacher arrived and the study session finally started after everyone gave their introduction. 

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Please go back through and proofread. This is really hard to read.

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