Power Struggle

With more reluctance than I had hoped for, Richard had left with all of his men, leaving the trailer full of roses and my motorcycle behind. No one dared touch the roses, either. Obviously I wasn't the only one who knew that flowers could be poisoned. Chaos took flame the moment we couldn't see their SUVs anymore. Guards screamed at each other, asking how they had gotten past most of the patrols. Mothers ushered their children away, fear still lingering on their faces. Mother had tried to comfort whomever was around, but it didn't stop people from going into full blown panic mode. The vampires now knew where we lived and no one was comfortable with that idea. No one wanted to admit that it could have been worse, either. All the tales of encounters with vampires were wrong, at least to a certain point. Not a single person was harmed or threatened, besides Andrew, who had earned it. Earned every promise of his blood being spilt for the way he had spoken to me. Members of the pack voic

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