Even as Adam placed a bottle of water close to her, he could see trace of tears in her eyes, he didn't feel pity for her, what he felt that moment was curiosity, why would a strong woman who trampled on people even top politicians cry because of a child whose identity was unknown to her.

Standing few inches away from her, he taught this was the right time to make a move when she is at her weakest moment, but then he was too scared to even come close to her. A young lady in her early thirties, brown hair and light skin suddenly rushed in, there was fear and panic in her eyes.

“ Where is she?!!”

She ask directing her question to no one in particular, Natash quickly wipe her tears as she stood up, showing out the usual bossy vibe.

“ Who the hell are you?!"

Natash ask both her hands clenching her waist.

“ Ma' daughter......she....she”

The young lady was trying to speak but couldn't put words together as she was panting heavily.

“ Are you the mother of the child I rushed to the hospital?!”

“ Yes ma'am!! Am sorry.........I was....”

“ Why the hell did you leave her alone, and why was she at that party?!”

Natash yelled at her, but there was still traces of tears in her eyes.

“ Am sorry ma'am! I was serving as a waitress at the party and there was no one I could leave her with!!"

“ Did she eat something at the party?”

Natash questioned inquisitively.

“ Yes ma'am! She was hungry so I gave her some food served to the guest that was untouched, why?"

The lady who was eager to see her child wondered.

“ The doctor confirm she was poisoned, but she will be fine. You can go ahead and see her!!"

There was relief on the lady's face as she heaved a sigh, she grab Natash’s arm as she squeeze them softly, Adam who has been standing there is so surprise to see Natash speak with the lady freely.

“ Thank you so much ma'am! You don't know what you did for me, am really grateful, I will never forget these!!"

She smile broadly as tears follows.

“ It okay! Go take care of your child, you don't have to worry, the hospital bill has been taken care of. ”

Without waiting for another word from the lady, Natash resumed back to her old self as she walks out of the hospital and Adam follows.




“ Boss! Where should I take you to?”

Adam who has been driving for quite a while now with no destination finally summoned the courage to ask 

“ I don't know...... just take me anywhere!”

Adam couldn't fathom what was going on in her head, but then he taught these was an opportunity to be with her Alone. He drove to the park, and as she walked towards the waterfall, he followed walking five steps behind her.

“ Would you like me to get you anything?!"

He ask gently ask but she was silently watching the waterfall.

“ My dad used to bring my sister and I here when we were kids!"

Adam spoke surprising himself.

“ it a nice place to relax especially when the burden gets too heavy, you carry so much in your heart, once in a while you should relax!!"

He spoke as he move a few inch close to her, she turn to look at him, facing him direct, her eyes were filled with tears, he could sense so much pain, he couldn't comprehend why but his heart ache at the site of her in pain.

“ Why are....... you..... speaking”

Natash was trying to form a sentence but couldn't.

“ It okay! You don't need to burry all those pain in your heart, let it out, let it all out!!”

He spoke, she was gasping for air and suddenly burst out crying loud as she fell to his shoulder, Adam couldn't believe that a lady who always seems tough and void of any emotion was these weak and broken.

“ What is going on here?!!"

A voice suddenly spoke behind them, Natash quickly wipe her tears and within seconds she had that bitchy look in her eyes again, they both turn to look at the person who just walked in, it was Robert.


During the party, Robert was so busy planting a tiny chip on most of the influential men and women who were present, they needed a weak point to be able to control them. Robert wasn't even aware Natash was out of the party except for when most of the guest were gone, he immediately inquire about her and was told about the incident that took place, he rushed down to the hospital but was told she already left. He suddenly felt unease, he knew she was more than capable of taking care of herself but he always wants to be with her especially during her traumatic moments.

Robert had to track down her car through the GPS and without further delay, he rushed down to the park.

“ Robert?! What are you doing here?”

“ Am sorry Boss, you were not at the office neither were you at home, I taught something happened and decided to rush over”

“ Am fine, Adam let go!”

She didn't want to say much to him cause she knew fully well he could sense even her slightest pain, she walks over to the car, Adam followed her but was stopped half way by Robert. As Robert grab his arm tie, he knew it was hurting but still held him tie. Adam could see the anger in his eyes as if warning him to stay away from what was his, he kept his cool despite the pain he was feeling from Robert's grip.

“ You are fully aware she is your boss right?”

Robert was asking the obvious question.

“ Natash has rules and if you really need these job, you are going to follow them or else I will personally see to it that you are relief of your duty!! You can go home, I will take it up from here!"

As Robert finally left go off him, the fire in his eyes diminished and he went ahead to taking Natash home but instead she insisted on going to the casino.

Arriving at the casino, she went straight to her office as she had a long bath before changing into a short gown, short enough to be able to see her thighs clearly. She fixed the longer lashes, and applied a very dark lipstick, she was looking just like a whore but that was the aim, to be able to seduce them and get them doing her wishes. 

At a round table seated five men in their late sixties, Mr. Josiah, Mr. Leon, Mr. Raveras, Mr. Ken and senator Evans. They are all very influential men and by their side were pretty girls of their choice. They were all placing a bet while sipping through a glass of alcohol when Natash walked in as usual looking sexy, bold and most especially elegant. They all stood up to exchange pleasantries with her each giving her a kiss on her cheek as she smile curtly.

“ Welcome Natash! I taught you were not going to be here today?”

Mr. Leon questioned as she sat on her large armchair while the rest of them were now facing her.

“ There can't be a party without me! Penny!!"

She called as one of the bar girls came rushing over.

“ Yes boss!!"

“ Why is there no entertainment? Where are the girls who are suppose to be dancing today?”

She questioned a slight frown on her face.

“ Am sorry Boss! We were waiting your order!!"

“ And where is Derrick?!”

“ I think he is having fun somewhere with one of the girls!!”

Penny answered, her head bow low for she do not dare look at her boss in the eyes.

“ Okay! Get our best girls to the pole I need to make sure these men do not leave with a single money they came in with!!”

“ Yes boss!”

Penny retreated away while Natash turn to the men whose attention were focus on the game they were playing all placing their whole bet in as her face curled up in a devilish smile.

Adam couldn't get even a wink of sleep that night. For reasons unknown to him he couldn't stop thinking of Natash, her tears, the way she broke in his arms, she smelled like berry, he could still feel it around him, her touch, her scent almost he was loosing his mind.

He got up from the bed with his thought still clouded with the imagine of Natash, why was she in tears, what was her past like, for some reason he felt like he needed to know more about her to be able to get to her but the question was how, a boss with no friend who gave orders with no questions asked but no matter how, he was determine to get her to open up to him.

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