Chapter 25

Chapter 25: Feeding Mate


We walk back hand in hand. It feels so natural, and, wow, she is beyond beautiful. Every time I look into her eyes, my heart races. I can see a storm coming. I know once we get comfortable, I'll see those flashes of topaz like lightning. She is kind, caring, and nurturing, and I see how her siblings regard her. "Thank you, goddess, for hearing my call."

I put my hand in my jacket pocket as we walk back, oh the violets. Do I give them to her?  I peek at them, and they are smashed. I don't want the first gift I give her to be smashed floors. So, I try to stuff them back in before Amelie notices, but I'm too late.

"What's that you're messing with?" She stops and looks over.

I close my eyes and drop my head. I pull out the bundle of smashed violets, "Um, on the way here, we stopped at a gas station, and a woman was selling little bundles of violets. I felt for her, so I

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Regina Reyna Alvarado
They found happiness with each other and praying it stays that way for them for they deserve happiness.
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Debbie Proffer
She really needs this and so does he. His files are gonna be elated
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Melanie Freeze

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