Chapter 33: Ceremony

Trigger, Kayle, Savanna, Conor, Mitch, and Stella sat in the living room waiting for Ben, Camari, Alpha Rafe, and the two other wolves to come out of Ben's office. It had been hours, and Kayle had fallen asleep on Trigger's shoulder. Conor was pacing the room, waiting for the news, and Savanna was watching him waiting as well.

Mitch was sitting on the couch playing with his hands; Stella was taking pictures for her Instagram. Everyone stayed quiet, straining to hear what they could from the room they were in. Trigger was still grumbling about the Alpha and what he had insinuated about Kayle.

The door finally opened down the hall. Conor stopped pacing as the footsteps got closer to the living room. Savanna quickly went to Conor's side, lacing her fingers in with his.

“No matter the outcome. I will not reject you,” Conor said, looking at Savanna.

Savanna nodded, grasping his hand a little tighter. Trigger woke up Kayle and then stood as she got

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goodnovel comment avatar
I hope when I get these next chapters finished that we can start learning the answers.
goodnovel comment avatar
I’m yearning for answers too (I’ve got one major one in my head) but the wedding definitely brought some happiness. Yet, I feel there could be one that doesn’t appreciate it due to the past ...
goodnovel comment avatar
we will have to wait to find out. but we have more questions that need answered.

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