Desiring a Ruthless Alpha

Desiring a Ruthless Alpha

By:  Emmanuel Osed  Ongoing
Language: English
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Madison gets whisked off her feet to the red galaxy pack before she can make sense of the situation. She is to love please Alpha Caden whom she despises for his arrogance and meanness. " you're Madison, right?" He asks the first time he sets eyes on her. Madison is distraught that the Alpha does not even know her by face, but when he finds her wandering alone in the pack, he takes her in his arms and kisses her, their lips fraternizing against her rational thinking. Madison knows then that she would never be able to resist the Alpha.

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5 Chapters
Chapter 1
Madison, that is your name, right?"He asked with what she could easily refer to as arrogance. Did he not know her name at least before asking that they bundle her to him immediately?She did not reply. She lowered her head and let her eyes rest on his boots that had been polished so well that she could almost see her face in it."I said, is your name Madison Roberts?"He asked again, this time, his voice came out like a snarl and she looked up, into his mean, unsmiling face. She had made up her mind the moment she stepped into the pack, against her will, that she was not going to like him."Yes, I am Madison Roberts. I am disappointed, my lord, that you do not even know my name."She said without maintaining any form of eye contact with him. She heard the maid behind her gasp. He took one step closer to where she was sitting on a low stool, under the watch of the guards and remained there until she lifted her eyes to his face." Now listen, girl, I am Alpha Caden and do not enterta
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Chapter 2
Madison felt a jolt down her body when his lips made contact with hers. She stood transfixed on a spot as his firm lips claimed hers in a kiss that made her legs become jelly. She could not.Was he kissing her by way of introduction?As she stood in his arms, his hand went to the small of her back and pressed her to him, enclosing her in his hot embrace."Alpha Caden..."She muttered at last as she stepped away, her heart thumping wildly in her chest"You are Madison Roberts and I know you. I have tasted your lips now and I can tell you apart from other women." He said and strode off. She stood watching his back as he vanished into the night. When she found strength to walk back to the pack house, she was walking on pleasure weakened limbs."My lady! How totally pleasant to have you back inside."The servant who now seemed panicked said as she reached the hall."Come now, you must be with the alpha in his chambers. He has said that you will spend the night with him."Madison was sil
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Chapter 3
It came as a surprise to Alpha Caden when she pushed him away, realizing suddenly who he was."My lord." She said. " How did you find me?"He took a step back."That's immaterial right now. You know what you ought to do? Gather your skirts in your hands and let us go."She did not protest. She knew something was wrong and she had not just woken up in a cave.She ruminated over what could be possible reasons she was there until she was astride the horse with Alpha Caden. It came rushing to her then. She had been attacked while she was out in the woods. The whirlwind!Her wolf! She could not feel her within.They started out on the journey., Not speaking to each other at all, both in their different thoughts."We have company." Alpha Caden said suddenly as he made the horse screech to a stop."Do you ever shift into your wolf form?" He asked Madison.. Madison nodded her head."I shift once in a while when I have to get away from my family and go for a run in the woods."Alpha Caden he
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Chapter 4
Madison lay watching the fight and was overcome with fear, she was too weak to carry herself up to rest on a nearby tree trunk. While she watched, the biggest and most ferocious of the wolves which she recognized as alpha Caden's wolf, pinned down the furry one with tricks and cunning. It was strangling the wolf until it began to grunt sounds that she did not understand. It was a wolf language that she could not understand when she was still in her human form.Slowly, the big wolf unpinned the small one and they stood watching each other. Finally, they both shifted into their forms again."Get on the horse."Alpha Caden snapped, When he reached her. There was a total quiet now and he seemed sure that he was not under any risk. Madison rose up and went to the horse. When she mounted it, it took a while for alpha Caden to join her..and when they started to ride, it began to rain heavily. Her wolf snapped awake within her."We may have to wait for the rain to thin out in the cave before
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Chapter 5
" You will have to lie on the floor with the debris. There is also no blanket to wrap yourself with."Alpha Caden said when he noticed her discomfort over the thought of lying down without a blanket."I think I will have to sit the night out. It will not take long, I hope, for morning to come."She said, her eyes averted towards the entrance of the cave. The wind outside blew into the cave and she shivered. It was a chill night and she was worried that they might run out of dry twigs before it was morning."If you think you can sit out the night, It is totally not my business. You can do as you want. But know that I shall not have you dose off on the horse tomorrow when we start on the journey."He said in the usual stern way that she was fast getting acquainted with. she did not reply as she wrapped her hands around herself and continued to stare into the fire. ****When Madison woke up,. She was startled. She did not know she had fallen asleep. And her head was resting on alpha Cad
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