Chapter 59


The fact that his offer made me want to accept it, more than his actual offer itself, surprised me. Maybe it had a little to do with me being in heat, but I don’t think it was the only reason. I was still of clear mind, enough to make an adequate decision and not be driven by my lust to accept it.

Did I want him to give me pleasure? My body was demanding that I accept it, but mentally I was unsure. If I gave in, what would it mean for us? Admittedly, I liked him more than I cared for. He infuriated me endlessly. At the same time, he also made me feel things I didn’t understand.

When he was near, I wanted to be close to him. I wanted to know more about him and comfort him when he was upset. The ordeal about the mate he lost, pulled at my heartstrings and I wanted to help him. Even when I felt like I hated him, I still cared for him.

Things between us were confusing and a mess. Would it be so bad to let him touch me in the way my body

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Bella Jersey
Lol thank to other ladies Tate enjoyed cause very good with his sexual skit
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Crystal Diane Giles Lopez
wow never thought she would let him
goodnovel comment avatar
Alisha Griffiths
Oh My Goodness!.........girl stop over thinking things and just let him do his thing!

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