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          *******๐Ÿ’“'To Be With You'๐Ÿ’˜*****

"Honey, I understand where you are coming from. I understand you're worried about Jin-hee, but she made her decision" Eun-Jo said calmly with a pleading look for Yang-Ju to accept Jin-hee's decision to go to school tomorrow, holding her hand.

A few seconds in thought, Yang-Ju looked up, finally accepting, "The moment you're not feeling well, call us and we will pick you up" Yang-Ju said with a look that says 'No argument' 

Jin-hee nodded with a smile and answered, "Okay"

"I think you should wake Yeh-Hee up so she can eat. She didn't eat anything when she went to sleep" Seung-Won said with a smile. He was happy Jin-hee was going with him to school tomorrow at the same time he wasn't. Jin-hee still wasn't well.

Well, it was his job now to make sure Jin-hee didn't over work at school and if she wasn't well enough to stay, bring her back home immediately.

Good to luck, he will work hard.


Jin-hee brought babe's share of the food Yang-Ju cooked which was Japanese omelette rice plus a glass of juice beside it on the tray. Yang-Ju was a really good cook. Even better than her.

What was she even saying? She couldn't even cook. Both her and Yeh-Hee always ate outside foods and never homemade food. This was what made dinner even more warm and special.

She placed the food beside babe's side. She still couldn't afford peace of mind being in the same room as her sister. She wasn't even comfortable when she was in the same as Seung-Won's family but she pushed herself and tired not to too think about it.

But, neither did it exactly work.

Not only was she unease with being touched or close to but also being in the same room with others. She wondered how she was going to cope with it tomorrow. She was going to be in the same room as nine people including a teacher, if one ever came.

"Babe, get up, you need to eat" Jin-hee said and got up, heading for the study desk. She turned the chair at the desk to face babe and sat on it. She wasn't that comfortable but, at the moment, the distant between her and her sister was enough comfort for her to bear with this.

Humming in a sleepy tone of disapproval, Yeh-Hee slowly sat on the bed, rubbing her eyes as she was still sleepy and wanted nothing more but to go back to sleep. Finally, she was able to sleep well for the first time since Jin-hee started working and it wasn't enough. She wanted to sleep more and more and more.

She wanted to sleep forever!

But that meant death. She wasn't ready for that.

"You need to eat" Jin-hee said again. Yeh-Hee looked at her with sleepy eyes. Why wasn't she sitting close to her? Something was definitely wrong with Jin-hee but her sister didn't want to tell her.

She didn't bother asking and decided to let Jin-hee tell her in her own time. She took the tray between her spread legs. With her palms attached together, she thanked God for the food. Afterwards, picked up the spoon and began to eat.

The food was good. Who cooked it?

"Mrs Yang-Ju cooked it" Jin-hee answered like she could read her mind. Well, it might be that the question was written all over her face.

"Is good" she hummed, stuffing the delicious food into her mouth. She was so hungry and so sleepy.

After seconds of awkward silence, Jin-hee asked in a dreadful and bewildered tone, "Tell me Yeh-Hee, wasn't I doing well? Wasn't I taking care of you well?"

"You should have told be if the money to buy food wasn't enough" Jin-hee watched as her sister dropped the spoon she was using to eat and lowered her head in guilt.

"It was enough" she said, "Then why did you suffer from stomach ulcer? Have you been suffering from it for long? And also, stress? You should have told me something" Jin-hee said desperately, almost angry.

"I'm sorry, I just wanted to help you. I was saving the money you gave me"

"You were starving yourself to save the money I gave you?" Jin-hee said in disbelieving shock. What was going on inside that head of sister of hers? "Why would you do that? Is my duty to take care of you"

"Is also my duty to take care of you!" Yeh-Hee snapped, angry. Why was her sister always this way? Always shouldering the responsibilities on her own without asking for help?

"We have no one but each other! We have to take care of each other! I'm not a kid anymore!"

"You're only twelve!" Jin-hee yelled in disbelieve. "And am your only family! That man isn't part of our family anymore! Is just you and I and we have to take care of each other!!" Yeh-Hee talked back.

She was being disobedient again! She was being unreasonable again! Why wasn't Yeh-Hee being that obedient little girl? Why wasn't she listening to her?! Why was she talking back?!

Without another word, Jin-hee got up and left the room in anger, to calm down.

But....... Somehow, a part of her knew, that babe was telling the truth. They had no one but each other and they had to take care of each other.

But starving to save money just wasn't the right way.


Next door was Seung-ho's room who was sharing it with Seung-Won. They could hear what Jin-hee and Yeh-Hee were taking about because they weren't exactly quiet but none of them said anything. Just pretending they couldn't hear anything even though they were listening to the conversation between the sisters with all of their attentions.

They heard the door open and slammed closed and knew one of them went out.

It was definitely Jin-hee.

"Hyung," Seung-ho spoke breaking the silent in the room, "Are you asleep" he asked even though he knew his brother wasn't. They both shared the same room but different beds.


"Do you like Jin-hee?" Seung-ho asked a different question. He didn't think talking about the conversation they just heard between the sisters was appropriate. It was invasion of privacy and gossiping and he didn't want to take part in any of that.

A chuckled sounded out which was from his brother, "Where did that question come from?

" Just answer will you?" "And I wonder who's the oldest" Seung-Won said with a smile.

"You're too kind brother. You sometimes need me to act as the oldest to protect you from those who take advantage of your kindness. That's why I'm the cold one"

Seung-Won burst out, laughing wholeheartedly at his brother's words, " Thank you little brother" Seung-ho blushed and faced the wall. He really loved his older brother and would do anything for him and anything to protect him. "You haven't answered my question yet" he stated. Seung-Won laughed again and then answered, "I like her. But not the same way as you are assuming. Teasing her is always fun. Makes me happy"

"I see" he answered. Though his brother's answer didn't exactly relief him, it still brought a smile on his face. He didn't want his older brother to be taken from him that's why he always made sure his brother wasn't dating anyone and always burnt the love letters he always received at school.

He also always gave bad advice to his brother when he asked him if he should date a girl who confessed to him. He even want as far as playing sick sometimes so his brother wouldn't date girls who made a lot of efforts to come to the house and confess. Those girls were the hardest to get rid of because they always came at a time when their mother was home and who always advice Seung-Won to date and get experiences.

Too bad he wasn't going to the same school as him. He was positive his brother was receiving confessions and love letters albeit he hasn't seem or hear about them. His brother was good looking and had a good personality after all.

Did his brother perhaps find out about the letters he burnt? Was that the reason why he hasn't been saying anything about his dating life? to him? Some of the letters were even of gratitude and appreciation but he burnt them all with no care or hesitation.

The girls who came home were the hardest to get rid of, but one in particular was the hardest of them all.

"Tsk" he just remembered someone annoying.

"What about you? Do you like Yeh-Hee?"

"She's just a friend" Seung-Won laughed at the immediately respond, "I see"

"I'm telling the truth" Seung-ho said when he realised the tone his brother used stated he didn't believe him.

"I believe you. You don't have that many friends so, I'm kind of glad and surprised that you kept Yeh-Hee by your side" Seung-Won said with a smile, turning to face his little brother. Seung-ho turned to face him and blushed when he saw that enchanting smile on his brother's face. His older brother was one of the few people around him who had the most beautiful smile he had ever seen. Yeh-Hee too.

Clearing his throat to find his lost voice, he said, "That's because they're all hypocrites. And Yeh-Hee isn't like that. She's straightforward and says what's on her mind. She doesn't hesitate to state the wrong or right and she doesn't hide the truth either. She's just like you. She is also too kind and needs someone to protect her"

"Jin-hee is the same. She always put on a cold look but she's actually kind and needs protection. She put on a cold look, because she doesn't want anyone to see how kind she is and hurt her"

"She's strong. I could see it in her eyes, she doesn't need protection" Seung-ho said, it looked to him his sweet kind brother was falling for that vicious girl.

"In my eyes she's weak. Begging for comfort, warmth and protection even though she doesn't want to admit. She doesn't want to fight alone"

"You're too kind Hyung"

"You should get close to her and you will know what I mean"

"No, I hate her" Seung-ho said bluntly like it was 'end of discussion'. Seung-Won burst out, laughing at his brother's words.

His brother was just too cute.

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