The demonress


(When the demon comes knocking )

Horror, obsessed, supernatural and paranormal 

By favy18

Three days later 


                   Episode 10

"Carmella...... Carmella......!! "I heard a sweet voice in my ears making me smile in my sleep 

"Carmella dear, get up and come eat ur breakfast.....! " I heard making my smile to widen 

I gradually opened my eyes to see aunt mel beautiful face 

"Goodmorning aunt! " I greeted soft  and she pecked my forehead gently 

"Good morning dear, get up it's time for school! "She said and I nodded softly 

"Clean up immediately dear, you stink! "She added jokely before leaving making me giggle softly 

It has been three days I got here and honestly it has been so nice 

It was like everything I longed for 

A good mother, a patient and caring father, a sweet sister, and good friends heard me, friends!!!! 

Here I attend a very good high school which I started 2 days ago 

It has been fun ever since!!! 

I got to have so many friends and not bullies like in amyvilla or hangur 

But the funny part of the story is that the high school is within the building were I live 

Isn't that crazy???? 

Yes I know..... it is super duper crazy 

But damn I like every part of it.... people here are fun and normal to be with.....yes normal!!! 

That's all I ever wanted.... to have normal people around me 

I quickly freshened up and headed to the breakfast table 

everyone was already seated 

"Goodmorning everyone! "I greeted

"Morning pumpkin... how was ur night? "Uncle Ricky asked smiling and I nodded feeling shy

"It was okay..... what of urs? "I asked softly which made him laugh deeply 

"It was okay because I knew my little pumpkin was here! "He said and I blushed 

"Ewwweee.... dad stop it.... you are been creepy! "Carlisle said and we all laughed 

We ate breakfast and it was amazing, I enjoyed every bit of it.... 

I bade them farewell as both I and Carlisle headed to class which was just down the elevator 

"Hey Carmella! "I heard my group of girl friends screamed waving at me from inside the elevator 

I smiled and waved back as both I an Carlisle headed towards the elevator 

I greeted the girls as we all talked about random things before we reached our destination.... 

We all headed to class together when I heard my name 

I turned around to see Steve....

"Look her Prince Charming is here! "Carlisle said teasingly while the whole girls laughed making me blush 

"Stop it you guys! "I said stomping my feet feeling shy 

They teased me for a bit before leaving me with Steve who kept staring at me with love filled in his eyes 

Steve is my boyfriend.... 

Yep that's right...  it was love at first sight 

He is handsome, bold, funny, smart and extremely rich.... who wouldn't love a guy like that? 

And besides aunt mel and Uncle ricky approve of him 

"What is it? "I asked feeling shy under his gaze

"What is what? "He questioned back with a little playful smirk on his face 

"Why are you staring at me like that? "

"Like how...? "He asked causing me to frown 

"Steve!!!! "

"Yes love? "

"Why are you staring at me like you have seen the whole universe! "

"Because I have! "

"Really? "I asked and he nodded with a smile drawing me into his warm hands 

I blush hard 

"You are my universe Carmella! "He said making me blush harder 

"Awwwwwwwwwwnnnn! "I heard my friends coddled making me shy 

"Okay you love birds, get into class, classess are about to begin! "Teacher Kendra said with a soft smile and we both walked to our special seat 

We sat together holding hands refusing to let go which made me smile..... 

It was finally time to go home and honestly I was a bit sad 

I love school here, filled with good friends, wonderful teacher and I get to seat with my boyfriend all day.... 

"I feel sad that school is over! " Zayn said and we all nodded sadly 

Zayn is Carlisle boyfriend 

"And tomorrow is weekends....meaning wouldn't have to meet my baby for three days! "Carlisle added kissing Zayn sadly 

"let's have an idea, why don't we have a sleepover?" Steve asked and I nodded 

It would be fun to have a sleepover..... 

"Since it is Carmella's first sleepover then we have to make it special and fun...... it will be hosted in our house! "Carlisle volunteered and everyone cheered making me uneasy 

"But we haven't told aunt and uncle yet....! "I said and Carlisle smiled rolling my eyes 

"I told them this morning and they were perfectly fine with it, so stop been a party popper Carmella! "She said and we all laughed 

"Trust me babe, it will be fun! "Steve said assuring with a peck on my lips 

I blushed and nodded 

"Alright then.... sleepover at my place tonight! "I said and everyone cheered

It been a long day as I couldn't wait for the sleepover.... 

Aunt mel and uncle ricky helped plan the sleep over, trust me it was fun 

Finally everything was set!!! 

It day was finally over and here comes the night.... time for sleepovers 

The guest finally arrived and I blushed seeing Steve without his shirt on only his shorts 

He looks so hot... I couldn't stop staring until I saw him winking at me 

The sleepover kick off and somefar it has been going great..... 

I have been loving every part of it 

"Let's play a game....!"Candy, a girl suggested and we nodded 

I knew in every sleepovers the games mostly played was T or D 

So I was much more prepared 

"Let's play the demons hideout! "She suggested making me frown 

That word demon kept playing on my head and suddenly I remembered why I was here..... 

Ohhh dammit!!! 

How the hell did I loose concentration?? 

"Do you agree to play Carmella? "I heard Carlisle voice and when I turned to face her, her face was now that of a demon with long nails and wings 

I screamed in shock and fear 

"What's wrong babe,are you okay? "I heard Steve voice and his hand smoothing my back 

"Am fine babe, I just....... Ahhhhh...... "I yelled loudly seeing his face also as that of a demon, even his hands were now that of a skeleton 

Oh my..... what the hell is happening 

Why am I seeing my friends as demons?? 

Aunt mel and uncle ricky quickly rushed in hearing my voice 

"What's going on here? "Aunt me asked and I slowly raised my head 

please don't be a demon, please don't be a demon 

Please please please 

I looked at her and uncle ricky and thankfully their face still remained the same 

"Aunt.... uncle! "I quickly run and hugged them 

"What's wrong Carmella??? "Uncle Ricky asked stroking my hair 

"Their faces.... they look different even Carlisle! "I said staring at them as aunt mel looked seriously angrily and surprisingly so does Uncle Ricky 

"Okay who on earth brought up the demon game? "Aunt mel and candy giggled 

Before I use to like that laughter of hers, now it sounds like laughter from the pit of hell!!! 

"I did..... the huntress is really smart and strong compared to others, those never realized they were dinning with demons until three weeks or more! "She said and all of them giggled 

"I enjoyed playing with her unlike others! "Steve added licking his disgusting lips and they all giggled 

Oh my God, I have been dinning and kissing demons??? 

Ohhh shit....i want to puke

"Couldn't you wait for a bit while?? revealing our identity means we have to kill her! "Aunt mel said leaving my shocked 

I quickly moved away to a far distance looking at the demons

I remembered all that the Liberian said and to be honest, I wasn't that scared than I think I would be 

Aunt mel and uncle ricky face were now that of their real form 

Too disgusting to be true 

They both had three horns each, two on their head and one growing from their nose

I felt mad, depressed and sad 

I can't believe I let this demons nuzzle me to sleep, the thought of it gives me goosebumps 

I suddenly burst into laughter with tears clouding my eyes 

They all felt confused 

"I guess you guys have broken the huntress! "The demon who was Steve said making me smirk 

"Huh....... kill her them! "The demon who posed like aunt me ordered and they all charged towards me 

"Do you want to know how I discovered you guys? "I asked making them halt at their feet 

"How? "

"Because "I raised my head up looking at them in full anger 

They moved back in shock and dazzle 

"Look at that, she has dark powers! "

"Her eyes are both completely dark! "

"Is she also a demon ??? "

"That's impossible! "

They kept murmuring staring at me in deep shock 

"Who are you? "The demon who posed as uncle ricky asked and I smirk fully 

"I am a demon!!!!! "I said and quickly attacked them sparing no one as I tore them to shred absorbing their powers 

Their loud screams could be heard which give chills to the body before they change to dust 

"Please don't kill me, please Carmella.... am ur favorite aunt mel! "The demon said changing her face back to aunt mel

"Tsk tsk,do you take me for a fool huh? a demon is still a demon despite whomever you pose as.... besides you taint my aunt face, you are half the kind of person she is! "I diss making the demon furious as it grew larger in size back in her demon appearance 

We both charge towards ourselves, I attacked her with everything I got and finally landed the last blow on her heart, which by the way, was their mean weakness 

Looking around, I saw everywhere cleaned up as if all that happened was an illusion..... 

"Bring me back! "I communicated in my mind and immediately I reappeared into the triangle 

"Greetings to the new demonress..... ur powers has successfully been activated..... you killing the demonress zoa who possed as ur aunt, gave you her powers as the new demonress! which of course is possible because of ur demon blood! "She explained and I nod

"Why did they had to use the face of  those I cared For? "I asked and she smiled a bit 

"Because the devil can't give you anything but the illusion of what you crave most...... a good family.... a perfect mother, a funny dad, a humble and kind sister and a school filled with good friends who are not bullies.... isn't these what you crave for my demonress? " She asked and I sighed deeply 

"So we're is my next destination Liberian? "I asked as her expression got serious 

"Next stop....... getting ur huntress powers......! "She said and I smirked 

"Let's get to it shall we? "I asked and she nodded with a little smile 

"As you wish, my queen!!!!! "


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