Rayver Chadrel Hillarca POV

Rayver Chadrel Hillarca POV

They say reasons can change people.

I thought it just a prose…but though…maybe they are right.

Reasons why she changed her decision.

“A-Ayoko na, Chad,” shaking her head. “h-hindi ko na kayang magpanggap pa.”

“W-What are you talking about?” my forehead crease. “a-are we still faking it?”

I step forward…just once step.

“G-Gaile…” calling her name…desperately.

“T-This is just game right? L-Laro lang ang lahat ng ‘to hindi ba…Chad?” naluluha niyang aniya. Sa pagkakatong ‘to ay ako ang umiling. I hold her firmly. Cursing out inside my head.

“B-Baby…listen to me, hmm.” Resting my head at her forehead. “tang*na naman Gaile, bakit naman ganito?” she’s trying to step backward but I hold his waist firmly. Collapsing into my body.


“B-Baby…please don’t do this to me…enlighten me please.” wiping her tears.

“I-I’m sorry…but I can’t.” she croaked. “I can’t lie anymore.”

“But we’re not lying right? Mahal na kita Gaile, mahal mo naman ako hindi ba?”

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