Chapter 12

(Izobel’s POV)

This was the first time Connor did not bully me in eighty years. They were all just standing in my bedroom, staring at me and listening to my cry. They could pass a portrait or an ultra-realistic mannequin because they were not moving.

‘What happened, Alaric?’ Mom asked worriedly.

Dad did not answer.

‘Shall we go to school, or should we just stay home?’ Amber asked as she looked at the window, staring at Ethan, who had just gotten up from bed. I turned my eyes in the same direction. I saw Ethan sitting on his bed, massaging his forehead, and turned his gaze on the window, but it was only for a short while. His two hands were on his head now, so  I think his head must be aching right now.

I’m sorry, Izobel. I had to erase his memory last night. He won’t remember a thing, so you have nothing to worry about,’ Dad assured me, making my

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