Chapter 212

Tang Tian sat cross-legged in his cultivation room and communicated with Fan Siren via voice transmission.

Fan Siren sneered. “For now, he must be stronger than you. If you’re not careful, you’ll definitely fail miserably.”

There was nothing Tang Tian could do about it. No matter what, he had to get his hands on the Tianshui Spiritual Lightning for emergencies.

“Alas, I wonder what other good things might be present in the Illusory Demon Mysterious Stage?”

Tang Tian’s eyes flickered with anticipation.

“Continue to train!”

After adjusting his emotions, Tang Tian began to race against time with his training.

A few more days passed. Finally, on this day, the atmosphere in the Meteor Sect changed.

"Knock... Knock..."

On this day, as soon as the sun shone on Star Gathering Peak, the bell rang in the entire Meteor Sect.

The Star Gathering Peak’s plaza was already packed with people, and the sect’s competition was originally prepared for inner court disciples.

As for the disciples
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