Chapter 223 An Unprecedented Bug Swarm

Shen Zheng and Shen Ying were busy practicing in the arena, while Chai Feifei was bored to death. In the end, she took Fang He out to shop.

Fang He did not reject such activities. As a bug controller, he followed Chai Feifei to carry big and small bags with a sense of satisfaction on his face.

However, Chai Feifei was bored.

"What's wrong, Feifei? Are you still not satisfied with a bug controller carrying bags for you?" Fang He half-jokingly teased her before pulling her to an outdoor cold drinks store on the pedestrian street and ordering two cups of cold drinks and a few desserts.

"Humph!" Chai Feifei glared at him and used a spoon to stir the clear-colored chocolate ice cream into a chaotic color.

"What's wrong?" Fang He asked.

"Look at you two," Chai Feifei said unhappily, "you've become bug controllers, and I'm the only one. No matter how hard I try, I'm just a bug controller with full strength. I have a bad feeling that I'm left far behind by you."

"Who left you behind?" F
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