President Tony, Let's Perfect Our Marriage
President Tony, Let's Perfect Our Marriage
Author: Lucia Love

1 - Qualities of his ideal wife

Isaac adjusted Tony's bow tie for the last time, his mind heavy from the memories they shared, his heart braced with complicated emotions. "At long last, you are getting married. Now I'm going to be the only Bachelor in M city."

Tony was rather neutral. Marriage to him wasn't a big deal. It was just two lovers announcing to the world their intent to live the rest of their lives together, nothing special. "Don't get emotional. We are still best friends."

"But now, Ashley is going to have all your time," Isaac expressed his fear. He understood the essence of marriage that ones' partner came first but Tony the groom, had a rather weird notion.

"Most of it but not all," he stared at himself proudly in the mirror and said. He had the looks and the playboy vibe all over him, even on this special day.

"There can't be any more strip clubs," Isaac reminded him but Tony thought otherwise. He shook his head.

"I don't think that can be erased. You of all people should understand that no woman has everything it takes to make a man wholly hers," he said indifferently. Isaac was lost for words. If marriage couldn't change Tony, then nothing else would.

"It's your wedding day, Tony. You are going to be bound by vows."

"Those vows are only meant for show and never to be taken seriously. Look here, a woman must have five things to keep a man. One, she must have the beauty to keep his eyes off other maidens but that isn't enough to keep the maidens away. Two, she must have skilful fingers that can cook the best delicacies to make a man bite his finger.

Three, she must have the bedroom skills that would make a man forget every other woman he's ever been with. Four, she must have decency and character that is patient and yet controlling, in a most fragile way. Five, a woman should be able to deduce when her man has been with another. Do you know why? Because she handpicked his clothes, ironed them herself and took in every detail including his scent," he nodded proudly at his fantasy.

Isaac felt helpless like never before. When he thought about Tony's expectation of an ideal wife, only one thing came to mind. "The woman you talk about should be a housewife who would be at your beck and call, twenty-four seven."

"You are wrong. A working woman can still do all these and lest I forget, perhaps it's the sixth. An ideal woman should be industrious," Tony winked at his image in the mirror, which made no mistake in identifying him as the most attractive man in M city. His thick dirty blonde hair, green eyes and thick lashes was a die for.

It wasn't unusual for women to flog around him but at least, he loved one more than the others, which was why he was getting married today.

"So where does Ashley fall?" Isaac asked. Ashley was Tony's bride to be. They had dated for six months and were the envy of both bachelors and spinsters of M city.

"She is beautiful, she passed that one. She's industrious and sexy but she lacks skilful fingers and character. As I said, no woman has it all which is why a man needs a balance. Keep the one you love at home, and hunt the other things in the jungle called strip club," he let out a prideful smile while checking his Rolex wristwatch. It was time for him to meet his bride at the altar.

"But.." There was a knock on the door, suspending what Isaac wanted to explain.  "I'll get it," he said instead while walking to the door. He discerned it must be one of the groomsmen informing them that it was time to walk the aisle. Surprisingly taken by the dazzling beauty that met him, he exclaimed,

"Ashley!" Ashley didn't look as exciting as befitting a bride, which didn't sit well with Isaac. He stepped out and shut the door behind him. Seeing her in front of Tonys' hotel room a few minutes before the wedding, he sensed trouble. Behind her was her maid of honour, beaten by anxiety.

Isaac pulled Ashley to the side and couldn't stop himself from getting past her sad countenance. Her beauty was still distinct. "You look like an angel descended from heaven in that lovely baby blue gown," Isaac complimented Ashley and turned to her best friend, who was her maid of honour. "And you too, Dora. That.."

"I need to see Tony," Ashley didn't waste her precious time on his intent to delay gimmicks, feeling he was trying to wile the time away.

Isaac's instinct strongly convinced him that this wasn't going to go down well, making him put up a resistance, "can't it wait till after? It's tradition for the bride and groom to not see each other before the wedding," he let out a small smile and said.

"I've tried my best to stop her but she kept insisting,'' Dora expressed her helplessness, stepping closer and tagging on Ashley to come with her.

Ashley shook her hand off her arm. "Isaac, I need to see him now!" She was adamant and Isaac was determined to not let it happen.

"But," Ashley took him unawares, pushing right beside him into the room and closing the door before he spat out whatever it was he wanted to say.

Tony was taken aback when he saw Ashley, concern lining his face. She was already beautiful but in her baby blue luxury gown, she looked spectacular. Whereas, it didn't take away the fact that it was inappropriate to see the bride before the wedding. "Is everything alright Ashley?" He held her by the wrist and led her to the bed where they sat apprehensively. 

The wedding wasn't so much of a big deal to Tony so he didn't read any negative meaning. He only thought that perhaps, Ashley was apprehensive and needed to calm down. This marriage might mean a lot to her than he thought. "If it's too much for you, we can,"

Ashley lifted her hand gently to stop him from speaking. She needed to think carefully about how to break the news. Her tongue felt heavy, uneasiness bound her, but she had to say it anyway. "I'm sorry Tony, I can't do this," she lowered her head, unable to meet his gaze.

It took a little while for her words to sink in, making Tony feel like a part of his heart was sliced but he didn't believe it one bit. If anyone would break off the relationship, it had to be him. Ashley loved him too much to do this. "What did you say?" It felt like a bad dream and he just wanted to wake up from it.

A pool of tears washed Ashley's face in an instant arousing a marathon of anxieties inside Tony. She had fallen in love with someone else for some time now. Breaking the news was too heavy for her because Tony was too good to her. Besides, their relationship was greatly envied because every lady wanted to be in her shoes. "I can't get married to you."

Tony felt like the roof had raptured from the room and hot instead of cold rain was pouring on him. No, he couldn't accept rejection. Not at this time. If this was a joke, then it was too expensive. "Ashley, I need to be at the altar in fifteen minutes and you in twenty. Cut out the joke and let's get married," he said firmly. It seemed like a wedding prank. No girl ever dumped him before. He runs the show.

"I'm not joking, Tony. I'm in love with someone else," she wiped her tears and said.

Tony felt his heart stop. He moved closer, lifted her chin with his hand, their gaze bored into each other. "Ashley.." He was about to speak when she cut in,

"I'm sorry, Tony," she pulled away and stood up, heading to the door.

"Ash..." Ashley had already shut the door close before Tony could mention her complete name. He felt too hot, taking off his blazer and bow-tie, throwing them on the floor. His emotions were unstable, he saw the world closing up on him. The dresser bore his anger, being lifted and thrown on the floor, the mirrors breaking in thousand pieces yet, his anger couldn't be satiated. 

The presidential suite was in shambles within seconds. This couldn't be happening. If he lost Ashley, he also lost his family's fortune and everything went to the rival family. 

In M City, the Wrights family had controlled the family treasure for decades against the Woods family, making them the most powerful. As a family tradition, the heir of the empire was to be married before their thirtieth birthday or forfeit their rightful position as president. Tony had never considered that because he already had someone he loved. Tomorrow, he would be thirty which meant being sworn in as the President of the Wrights empire. Now, the Woods family's eldest son was going to assume the role of the President if Tony doesn't get married today.

In a time like this, he had no hope but since his mother never liked Ashley, he feared hearing the words 'I told you so.' Just three days ago, his mother cautioned him to pick another bride because of her instinct but Tony wanted to marry for love and the only woman he loved was Ashley. Isaac had entered at the sound of items smashing. His eyes were horrified with shock at how messed up the grand luxurious presidential suite had become. Before he could ask about the matter since Ashley left crying, Tony boomed, "Ike, get my mum!"

Ivy, Tony's mum, got there in less than five minutes. Seeing her son all hagged, and the state of the room, she could instantly guess the reason, the corner of her lips curling. She never trusted Ashley from the onset and had betted upon her perfidiousness countless times, but didn't get a chance to snap a photo as proof. 

Ashley was always a step ahead and Tony never believed his mother because he felt she just wanted him to leave Ashley. After all, she didn't like her. "She left you, didn't she?" She was genuinely concerned, not the I told you tone Tony expected.

Tony didn't realise when tears fell from the corner of his eyes. "How could you be so sure, mum? How did you know that she didn't love me?" His voice was husky due to the tears he forced to hold back.

"I saw it in her eyes the day you introduced her that her heart belonged to someone else. I told you about the number of times I saw her in questionable positions with Richard Wood but you never believed me," she explained comfortingly. That wasn't the whole story but Ivy meant to leave the details for later. Her son was already hurting and she didn't want to worsen it.

"So we lose everything?" Tony asked, sinking onto the floor of shattered items but Ivy quickly helped him to the bed before being wounded by the broken elements.

"No, you get ready and be at the altar. This wedding will still hold no matter what," she assured him, giving him a warm hug.

Tony stiffened. Now, he knew that his mother was insane. "Mum, I can't fall in love in two minutes. I mean, we can't even pay someone. You know the rules. No divorce. I can't spend the rest of my life with a woman I don't love."

Ivy was a little selfish at a time like this. All she wanted was to save the family business. The rest could be sorted out later. "That is up to you. Now get to the altar." She encouraged her son.

Tony was left with no choice. He knew that saving the family business was very important but how was he going to live the rest of his life with a complete nonnative? What if he loathed her? He was holding on to a thread at the moment, as he walked down the aisle, his eyes blood red. The most intimidating part was seeing the Wood family in good spirits as if they knew something had gone wrong. He couldn't admire any of the luxuries he had spent time and money to put in place.

News turns to travel fast, especially when you have enemies who operate in daylight. Most maidens were excited that Ashley, the goddess fiance of Tony had refused to be his bride. At least they stood a chance now. Everyone including the media awaited the announcement for the wedding to be dissolved.

Instantaneously, the auditorium went dead silent with shock when the bridal procession began to play. Everyone waited in anticipation of who Ashley's replacement was, which was totally unexpected. Not only did a maid of honour walk the aisle but also a bride. 

Tony had no idea who she was or what arrangement his mother made but this bride wasn't his taste and he couldn't even pretend to like her...

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