18 - I'm ready, my little wife, let's go home

Ivy confirmed her arrival at Zcity in the evening and assured Abigail that her father was getting better. She even got to speak with him but could barely hear any word he spoke. Yet still, it warmed her heart. The more reason she was bent on doing everything possible to make Ivy happy, including enduring Tony's sometimes unthoughtful words.

Tony wasn't able to go back to the office as planned, settling on keeping Dennis in Isaacs' mansion till the culprits were arrested. Isaac readily agreed because no one lived there at the moment and it would take some time to be ready. As soon as the culprits were apprehended, he would rent a two-bedroom apartment for him with a years' advance so he could pick his life back up. He had already settled his mothers' medical bills as well.

After Dennis mentioned the names, they were given to the Wrights Secret Service to be dealt with. As soon as they were found, information would reach him. The next day, he had breakfast with Abigail

Lucia Love

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Why do we need to earn high bonus before reading your book...hope you can have advertisements
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Rose SB
Abigail is still the boss
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Rose SB
Abigail just saved your life jerk!

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