Chapter - 4

Ekiya's Pov.:-

At the same moment when I closed my eyes, my tears slipped out from the corner of my eyes to hide into my hair. I am scared for my first-time physical relationship. I don't want to get hurt for my first time. seems like everyone faced the same nervousness, numbness, and anxiety as me right now.

My face frowned in pain when he bite my sealed tight lips. My lips are so sensitive and he is not understanding as his movements over them is rough challenging my endurance. To moan in pain, I opened my lips but before any sound could come out from my mouth he slammed his tongue inside my mouth while holding my face strong to not let it move without his will.

This quick action made me gag in discomfort but lack of breath and sudden panic in my system made it hard for me to cope with consciousness and feeling hard to form any word. So, I swallowed my voice in my throat.

He devoured my lips until he satisfied his beast making me breathless.

My hands were handing low as they were feeling heavy for me. My head is all surrounded by the fog of unknown pleasure which somewhat scares me too. My body is weak so weak to even stand on foot yet I am standing only because of his hold on my face. I took deep breaths with closed eyes trying to digest the building up sensational pleasure in my body which is making me go crazy.

He left my face to move back making me fall on the floor as my legs were jelly due to the deeds he did to me. When my body cried in pain, due to it my sense became alive. I sit on the floor with my weak shivering hands balancing my body in a sitting position.

" Get up and come here " I heard him say. I didn't dare to look at him and silently got up to reach the edge of the bed.

" Why are to standing over there come on the bed," he said and unconsciously I looked at him which I realised was my biggest mistake. I gasped in horror and terror looking at his shameless behaviour. He is sitting on the bed resting his back on the bed head post with spread legs and all naked, stocking his hard thick long length by his hands passing seductive looks with his intense eyes directly looking at me.

Meanwhile, my eyes stuck on his length without blinking. I got frightened seeing his little monster. I don't have any energy in my body to even handle him and it's my first time. I don't want this! it not going to fit inside me but this man is not going to leave me before doing all his desired fantasies with me because it's all written over his face and hungry eyes.

" What the fuck are you thinking, remove this shit and come here! " I heard him shouting at me. I shrank in horror and with shivering hands removed my top and my saree's underneath skirt.

As I left in my undergarments my body's small hairs stood in jolt as a spark of electric shiver ran down in my system. These arise goosebumps are not at all helping me to calm down my nervousness and fear.

" Do fast?" he said again sounding impatient and irritated as the complete evidence in his voice.

With shivering sweaty hands I removed my inner garments feeling his lusty eyes eating me all. I peak at him still lowering my eyes. As he knows that I am looking at him silently, he motioned his index finger in come near sign.

I swallowed the lump of sob and humiliation down my dry throat and moved his side and sit beside him showing him my back. My back can feel his hot breath over it. he is moving near me I can sense his every movement.

He climbed down the bed and stood before me only to push me back with force and himself stood there looking at me with only lust in his eyes.

Tears of fear slipped down my eyes but I didn't cry. I shut my mouth tightly not letting my weeping voice go out.

He stroked his length one more time and said " obey every rule and I will let your parents treatment run peacefully ".

Completing his words he climbed on my body and spread my legs roughly only to position himself at my entrance. My eyes cast to his face which was already looking at me. Gasped left from my mouth when I felt his length's head over my entrance. In hope of mercy from him to be gentle to me for the sake of my first-time, I begged him with my eyes to which his eyes cast down at my lower body.

Dropping in his height he moved his face over mine and capture my lips in his. I moaned in the middle of the kiss when he bite my lips. I didn't know what magic he was doing but for a moment I forget my surroundings. I remember only the kiss and pleasure until I felt pain down there.

" Ahhh " I cried in pain pulling my head back and tick tears of pain flowing by my side eyes in my hair, the sweat of pain over my forehead is the evidence that I am struggling to be in my sense, so that, I won't hit him or do something which I shouldn't.

" Fuck! so fucking tight! made me stuck in my way," he said under his breath but I heard him and he pulled out of me making me moan in the loss. However, I sighed in relief which he too noticed because he passed me a sarcastic smirk which says ' it's a long night and way '.

He took out something from the side table's drawer. it's an ointment tube or a cream I don't know. He took some of it on his palm and rubbed it on his length.

He moved to me again. When he spread my legs discomfort embrace me and slight soreness. However, I too know that my hymen is not broken yet.

He again pushed himself in me but this time it was not that much painful until he went a little further than before. I squeezed my eyes tightly clutching the pillow in my fist and moan hard in pain to which he put his lips over mine and kissed me hard.

I tried to push him a little bit to adjust when he pushed his complete length successfully in me and was about to do the same again after pulling himself a little back.

" Behave," he said in a warning voice and he hovered on my body caging my hands in his with putting his body weight on them, as he was sitting on his knees before.

His grip on my wrists was very tight that his fingers for sure will be there as finger marks

He speeds up his pace from slow painful to vigorous rough killing one. I bite my lower lip when I learn that at any time I may lose my mind in painful pleasure and call him ' bastard, murderer, dog, animal, monster hunter etc etc ' as pain is getting unbearable for me with his every push.

*Thrust* *Thrust* *Thrust* *Thrust* *Thrust* *Thrust* *Thrust* *Thrust*

He touched something or a spot inside me when he pushed himself in me vigorously and my stomach danced in something which give a ticklish feeling like butterflies dancing inside it.

" Wow " as I couldn't hold back the pleasuring voice in my throat, my teeth left my lower lip to let the voice flow out with flow.

My head is lost in something pleasuring. my legs are shivering like, shaking like jelly, my breaths are uneven as the body is on fire, sweat is coming out from their house.

*Thrust* *Thrust* *Thrust* *Thrust*

" Aww .. ahh .. hmm .. ahhh " I moaned as his thrust is doing something to me, making me lost in something pleasuring, setting my body on fire.

I don't know what it is but my body is feeling good, pleasuring, light and happy.

*Thrust* *Thrust* *Thrust* *Thrust*

With this, something burst inside me and I felt relief. The shivering legs, sweating body, reeking smell of orgasm made my head foggy. Tiredness engulfs my body, so I rest my body listlessly on the bed with closed eyes. However, I am asleep.

He didn't stop his pace and continued to run in me. He removed his hands from mine and run his hands on my face in a sensual way making my lower lips move down with his hands push. Then his hands ran to my neck, soon they reach on my blossom. He squeezed them hard making me close my already closed eyes more tightly and pulled my head and back move backwards in pleasure. I felt it good the way his hands are moving over my tits and doing this however I felt slight pain which was also pleasuring.

" ahh," my body jolt in unbearable sensation when he slapped my both tits hardly making pleasuring pain buildup in my system and again a bubble of something burst inside me and ran around his running length inside me.

I looked at him, not in his eyes but at his face which holds a smirk on it. He licked his lips and here I came in reality. What I have done some moments before!

I gasped in shame but covered my mouth with both hands as I am on the verge of breaking down.

He holds me by my waist and moves more vigorously making the bed shake with me also. His every push hitting that spot is making my head lost in the fog of pleasure.

' no .. no .. eki .. be in your sense ' I tried to pull myself from losing in physical pleasure.

" Ahh .. ". I moaned unconsciously losing my grip on my senses and end in something which made me a moaning mess crying in pleasure under him.

" Hua " He groaned with every push, one drop of his sweat fell on my forehead from his forehead. I opened my unconscious eyes. He is completely wet in his sweat yet not at all fatigue.

His hard built-up body, toned tight muscular skin, his muscles of hands and legs, chest and packs and popping out veins are giving a good view of his manly body.

His body is warm like fire with panting so am I. I tried to catch my calm breath as his pace became faster than before.

My shoulder, legs, my complete body shivered with something bursting in my womb. At the same time, something hot and wet was also realised in my womb which was released by him with " fuck! " I heard his words with sudden weight on my body as he fall completely flat on my panting body. His body is hot burning my skin but soothing my sore tired muscles.

We both played in that position for good some minutes, breathing the same air, mixing our body sweat with each other's, our heart is bursting so high in a rhythm that we both could feel each other's hearts bang on our chest. He lifts his body making me realise that he didn't pull out from me.

As my body is in starving for energy because I haven't eaten anything for the whole day so now I don't have any more energy in my system. While my whole body is in pain due to his treatment on it. my eyelids are getting heavy with my every breath.

Due to tiredness sleep boss over me but still lost in my unconscious self I could feel him, touching me, biting, licking, marking, drilling his length in my feminine part.




I opened my eyes with a jolt gasping for air. I looked before me to see I am in the bathtub all soaked in water's wetness.

I hugged my battered body with my shivering hands as the water is freezing not even to bear for any human being.

He pulled my hair making me stand on my foot and climb down from the tub. In all the process I didn't speak any words and let him drag me out from the bathroom. My broken heart is enough for me to hear. Because know he got what he wanted now he is treating me bad.

My head is hurting so my whole body but right now my head is spinning more.

He has a bathrobe hugging his body while I am all naked. He is taking me in the room's exit door direction, sensing what he is about to do, I ran my hands in my surroundings to grab the cloth which was laying on the couch.

I draped it around my body to save my virtue. He again pull back my hair with little shaking and dragged me.

As my slow and small steps were unable to match his fast long steps. I fell on the floor several times.

My body is sore and battered with weakness in my veins and my legs. They are numb while my feminine part is hurting a lot.

And as I took steps to walk my lower abdomen started to cry in pain, with that as my feminine part squeezed with my moving steps. it also pained. Which leads me unable to walk properly.

' where is he taking me? is he going to kill me? ' my confusion rushed in my head which turned in horror when he pulled me out from the house.

He dragged me still holding me by my hair. Horror engulfed me as I came face to face with an old, shady, dark cracked small room like form.

' will he hunt me down inside it and bury my dead body under this room ' negative thoughts came into my head.

He kicks open the door with a crack sound and


He pushed me inside it and turned back on his foot to go back into his house.

This action broke my tinny left heart in my chest. I am feeling used, low, cheap and something which I am unable to name as I don't know what to name the broken feeling my heart. His act is so cruel to me as he used me then threw me out of his room like trash.

This much humiliation is enough for me to become dead.








After crying my heart out, I cleaned my face with my hands and stood on my feet, neglecting all weakness and numbness in my senses.

I looked for a switch to light up the room and I found it. I clicked it on and the room lightened up. I looked around with tired eyes spider webs are all around the room. it's a complete look of a haunted house.

" Ahhh " I shout in horror when I felt something has run over my foot. I looked behind me, here a small mouse has run over my foot. I release a relieved breath.

I walk more around the room to study it. it's a small room attached with a conjoined toilet and bathroom. Nothing else, a familiar bag caught my attention which was resting in the corner near the washroom door.

I opened it hoping something very necessary for everyone, yes right, clothes.

I don't have anything to wear and my body is also shivering due to chilly weather, my nose is not helping either because it running telling me that I got cold.

I pulled out the cloth from the bag, Yes, these are clothes and they are mine.

I tied the bedsheet around my body properly as its grip was getting loose around me but after placing the bag outside the room.

" Okay eki let's do it first only then you can rest, " I said to myself.





" Huff " I sighed in relief after cleaning the whole room and restroom also.

I pulled out one pair of cleaned clothes and ran inside the bathroom as finally it the time to clean myself too.



I came out after a good bath. I looked outside the window there is a shining twinkling look signalling it's approx four or some minutes in the morning.

" I think I don't have any time for the rest, " I said to myself and still dare to think of having a little nap. I opened the same bedsheet which has small red taint over its bright sky-blue colour.

' it's mine virginity blood '. I knelt and cried my heart out. why this is happening to me? Even after marrying me, he is treating me lower than an animal. I will never forgive you, your animal.

" Don't cry eki. The thing which took away from you. It's not a big deal. Yea, it's not a big deal. You only lost your virginity not the purity of your heart. Yes, I am a strong woman. Yup, you need to be strong. Your parents need you. Bhai! Where are you Bhai? please come to take me away from here " I weep in the whole process saying this so as not to lose hope.

I fold that bedsheet and laid on it with that I closed my eyes for a small nap after stopping my tears back in the tear bag.

' virginity never tells your purity, maybe some people take it as a purity sign of a woman but it's not that if a woman is not anymore virgin, she is cheap or characterless. You don't know what she had faced? what had happened to her? Because there are uncountable reasons which can cause a woman to lose her virginity other than sex ' with these thoughts I lost in my sleep.




I woke up as a continuously banging sound in my head is increasing in my headache

As I opened my eyes it took me a minute to recall everything and to cope with the reality.

Looking at the banging door, hurriedly I stood and ran. I opened the door to see, there is standing a beautiful woman in her late thirties in a uniform. I think she is the helper of the Singh residence.

" It's your time to change into it and come fast in the kitchen " saying this with an emotionless face she hands over me a dress.

I took it silently and rushed inside the bathroom.

As I got ready in it I looked at my messed up look in the broken window glass. As I don't have any comb to comb my hairs, no soap to wash my body with it, no mirror to look at myself. So I combed my hair lightly with my fingers and pulled them up and made a tick high bun of them.

But the good part is that. I have a broom and wiper to clean my room, bathroom cleaning stuffs also as I found them in the back of this room.

I ran outside the room and locked it. Passing a last glance at the locked room I ran inside the house through the back door which Mr Butler showed me.

He even helped me to arrive safely in the kitchen by escorting me off the kitchen.

I looked there all the maids are doing their respective work, two chefs are standing before the big stoves and cooking breakfast. They are cooking as if an army is waiting for the food. Seems like it's their daily task to cook this much amount of food.

They are so disciplined that in this massive kitchen filled with several people no noise is coming only the sounds of utensils are coming.

My salivary glands released saliva into my mouth. My mouth drooled looking at the food. I am starving. The hungry elephants inside my stomach need food.

" Hey what are you doing over there? come here and wash these dishes " I shrink in fear when I heard a chilling high voice out of the blue causing me to snap out from my wonderland to this cruel reality.

As her eyes were waiting for my answer I nod my head and started to wash dishes.




" Go and serve these sample plates on the table, "the same lady said to me handing the trolley's handle in my hands.

Yes, she is the one who woke me up and shout at me half an hour before she is head in charge of kitchen staff, so, I can understand her duty is tough.

I walk into the dining room and stop in my steps, not in admiration for the royal dining room, expensive things never took my attention or never made me wonder or amazed by it.

The reason for my halting steps are, there is sitting my devil husband with his parents on his left side. they are talking about something. His mother means my mother-in-law is a known dress designer in our country. Her clothing brand name is number one in the fashion world so they are discussing fashion show arrangements.

I walk there with lowered eyes completely ignoring the fact that three pairs of eyes are on me. I place the plates on the table and stand at the far edge.

They taste the dish and inform me what they want to eat among them. I walk back into the kitchen and placed the slip on the board.

Soon dining table was filled with food for them. I too turned my heels to go back and stood in a queue with other maids but the head in charge signalled me to come to her.

I followed her inside the kitchen. She said, " it's your today's tasks which you have to complete before 7 pm, here take it ".

I took a long slip from her hand. I randomly ran my eyes over it only to hang my shoulder low in tiredness. it's too much to do!

I am hungry. I haven't eaten anything and I want to see my parents too!

But do I have a right to complain, no! then accept it and do your work!

Tears of anger, frustration slide down my eyes. I took deep breaths to control my developing emotional emotions.

" Here is your breakfast. Have it first then go back to your work," she said showing me my food plate.

My eyes glimpsed in emotions. My throat muscles harden as I am stopping myself from breaking into sobs.

Because I had thought that today food is not in my faith but see the marvel of God.

" Go fast you have only 10 minutes to have it," she said and I ran to it and guzzle the whole food very fastly to stuck myself in choking

She passed me water and I sip it slowly. my chest hurt when I swallowed water down my throat as choking food is giving hard time running down from the oesophagus to my stomach.

" Mommy! Mommy! Mommy! Mommy! Mommy! Mommy! " I heard very loud shouting coming from the upstairs maybe. I gulp down the water in one go and ran outside the kitchen to the staircase. Here she is standing in her nightclothes behind her three maids giving them hard time.

Her eyes snapped at me when she heard my steps. In reflex, she ran to me stumbling in her way to climb down. In terror, I ran to her despite the fact I too stumbled on my way and hurt my already wounded body but my wounds are not anyone tension to worry about. god, this girl. if she got any injury, her father will have me today as his food.

" No! stop there I am coming to catch you," I said to her and she obeyed me.

I carried her in my arms to complete my first task. Yes, to get her ready for her school.

We both came into her bedroom with her handing on my hips. She is playing with my hair.

" Ahh " I hissed in pain when her hand touched my upper neck, she pats on it again with confusion all over her face, a little frown on her forehead giving a little glimpse of her father's similarity in her.

" What is these marks mommy? Did mosquitoes bite you? " She asked again touching my neck but this time carefully.

" .. hmmm.. actually yes! that mosquito bite me. " I said to her that this mosquito is in human skin who had done more than biting.

" We will kill that mosquito mommy. Come let's go in dada's room to kill it " she said assuming that I live in her dad's room but only if she knows.

" No! baby no! no need to do this because I have already killed him, " I said holding her in her place.

" Okay, so Oni, let's take bath first. Do you wanna poop? " I asked her to which she nods her head as yes fastening her hands before her stomach.

I showed an active action and help her in the washroom then put her body in her bathtub to give her a jelly bath.

She smiled all the time and didn't show any shyness to me which is a little bit shocking for me.

I make her ready in her school uniform. As her hairs are small so, I make two small ponies on both sides. With this she got ready.

I kissed her forehead to which she made a frown face which scared me because I thought that she didn't appreciate getting kisses from anyone.

" Mommy here too," she said making terror to flew out from my veins by digging her small finger on her both cheeks saying me to kiss her on her cheeks also.

And I kissed her whole face with giggling to make her giggles come out from her mouth.

Later on, I hold her hand in my one to take her down in the dining room for breakfast.

" No mommy. I want you to carry me! " She pleads in her baby adorable voice with a little pout at the end stealing my heart with her sweet act.

I carried her in my embrace but the pain is another thing that is making my body burnt with its heat. I am in so much pain like my body's every joint are glued to each other not letting them move from their place and if I am forcing them to move they are crying in pain.

Despite my horrible situation I cope with her and took her into the dining room and make her stand on her foot.

She ran to her father and grandparents making their hard cold emotionless faces light up with adoration, love, care in their eyes and with a broad smile they all wished her while adoring her.

Meanwhile, I stood there with a smile on my face looking at her crazy talks.

Then she looked at me and said " mommy will you please feed me today ".

And the whole family killed me with their narrowed fireballs firing eyes.








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