Chapter 60

Alastair's Point of View

It was well past sunrise and there was no sign of Amadeus. Trouble had a way of catching up to my twin but this was ridiculous. At least he could have called. Set my mind at ease to where he was. But no. Instead, he made me wait in the foyer, legs crossed and the clock ticking away.

For all I knew, they could have discovered him. Locked him up somewhere and I would never see him again. Nerezza could be thrown in there with him. No. At least if something happened to her, Phaedra would contact me. Tell me about what had happened and make sure that I came to her rescue. Or so I hoped.

Sighing, I scrubbed my face with a hand. Let the dread of the day settle into my bones. This wasn't what I had envisioned for my life. Not even remotely. But it was my life now. There was no persuading Nerezza to choose another path. So, I had to sit in silence and worry until someone made their presence known.

Another minute ticked by and I heard the gate open. Excitement jabbe
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D Brown
Who is his mate? I'm trying to think back to the first book but don't recall a possible name...
goodnovel comment avatar
I would like to know as well! ...
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Melanie Marietta Robele
Is teagan the next book? ...

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