Chapter Seventy-nine( Trying to find you)

"What o you mean that you haven't seen her?" Derrick rumbled in anger.

"We have searched the whole place but still it looks like she wasn't in any way to be seen?" One of the warriors muttered.

"From what the report has gotten so far, it looks like she eloped with two omegas," another warrior said.

"Two omegas!" Nicholas and Lucien muttered.

"Yes, two omegas…… Susan and Angel," He replied.

"Angel! But I thought that she was hospitalized due to her unconscious state?" Virginia exclaimed as she claimed to be surprised.

"The burial was in two days but she escaped just like that with thousands of warriors on the prison door and pack gate……come on this doesn't make sense," Nicholas grumbled.

"Looks like someone helped her out……" Lucien muttered.

"And I am damn sure that it will be someone from a higher rank because there is no way only the omegas can be this courageous," Derrick uttered.

"No time to waste because we need to find her…….

It has been three fucking weeks still there is no trac
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