Camille didn’t even have a chance to register what Sia had just announced before the woman was off out the door. Speechless was perhaps an understatement for how Camille felt and she tried to get her brain to compute while also trying to dampen down the alarm and panic rising up inside of her. She didn’t want to go to Draygon. At least, not like this. Earth, despite all the history Camille had there, was her home and it hadn’t even crossed her mind to leave. That seemed absurd! At least, right now it did. She couldn’t imagine why she would agree to the whole thing but at the same time, Camille got the impression that her agreement wasn’t necessary.

She had no time to object though. Everything around her moved on while Camille found her mind frozen in alarm. Before she knew it, she was standing in the infirmary hallway as Jag and Sia discussed something with the doctor. In fact, it was the warmth of someone’s hand on her lower back that helped ground Camille once again.

“You look like
Zayda Watts

Hi all, so I have one more left of my fundraising challenge. Updates are still going to be slow but I am working on the book. Anyway, I hope you enjoyed the chapter and have a great week.

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Very excited to see where this goes. But I seriously need some more steamy scenes between her men!!!
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suspense is killing me Love this book

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