Chapter 241 Reid/Xavier

Third Person's POV

Christian was helping the doctor with all the wounded people. They used one of the tents nearest the main pack house for all the wounded.

Every chance he got, he'd step outside the tent to see if he could find him, to see if he could find Cain.

He was eager to see him, he hasn't seen him since the war started. He just finished wrapping up one of Asher's men and finally had some downtime.

He took the opportunity to quickly duck outside in hopes of finding Cain.

He almost held his breath as he ran outside, his head turning in every direction. Desperately searching for him.

He feels disappointed when he doesn't see him anywhere. He lets out the breath he was holding as he drops his head. He stands there for a moment longer before slowly turning around to walk back inside.


He hears someone call out. He knows that voice. He freezes, his eyes slowly close as he takes a deep breath in. His hand going to his chest as he grips his shirt.


He hears Cai
Abigail Phillips


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Comments (3)
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Rachael Marie Annandale
Ooh I have a feeling I know what they are going to do! GOOD he deserves it! He hurt our little mouse and our big bear, I can’t wait for Noah’s story!
goodnovel comment avatar
There's only maybe two or three chapters left. The next book is called, "Noah, an Omega's story".
goodnovel comment avatar
Shauna Dunn Figler
what a cliff hanger how many more chapters do you plan for this book and do you have a title for the next book yet?

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