"What are you hiding?"

That night Avelyn immediately asked Elvis, after dinner, and when the man was sitting pensively in his den. Avelyn's sudden and sudden question made Elvis tense at once so that he could only remain stiff in his place. It was only about four seconds later that Elvis moved, tilting his body to the side to face his wife who was staring at him demanding an explanation.

"What is it, honey?" Elvis asked softly. His hand slowly reached forward to caress Avelyn's face, who seemed to be hiding a lot of questions in her mind. He hoped that this time he could handle Avelyn gently without shouting like he used to. He admitted it was his fault. His emotions were too bubbling at the time, and he just took it out on Avelyn who happened to look a little annoying that night. But in the slightest Elvis didn't want to hurt Avelyn. In fact now he was thinking of ways to keep Avelyn by his side, although his fear of Avelyn's explosive anger worried him a little. How will he respon
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