Chapter 71: Fight And Make-up.


"It was good to have you here." Corey forced a smile but it didn't quite reach his eyes. "This house is definitely going to feel it now that you're leaving."

Bran, too, forced himself to smile when it was the last thing he felt like doing. His head was too occupied with the woman standing a few feet away from them, and also, he was worried about his friend.

Corey had shut down completely after finding out that his 'mate' was not actually his mate after all, which answered a lot of questions that people—including Bran—had been asking.

Actually, he was quite relieved.

He didn't want to speak bad about a dead woman but he'd never really liked Ruth to begin with. She'd been a bit stiff, always complaining about something and she'd also never been interested in the things Corey liked.

But since he'd believed that she was his mate and that fate could not pair one with someone that didn't suit them, he'd decided to let it go.

Well, what he said about fate was definitely not true. Ta
Anya Ivy

This chapter is sooo long, but I just couldn't cut anything (-_-;) ANYWAY, I MISS YOU GUYS' COMMENTS AND THEORIES!!!

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Anya Ivy
Ha! So you liked that scene. Plus, let's hope that's the turning point!
goodnovel comment avatar
I hope this is the turning point for them! My heart is aching for them—they both deserve some happiness! I’m glad that Maria humbled Bran.
goodnovel comment avatar
Anya Ivy
Aww, this comment is so beautiful. I hope he feels more towards her too.

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